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There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. ~ 1 John 4:18

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dew Crew Retreat 30/4 till 2/5 : Session 2 : Like Mindedness & Humility

The 2nd Installation .. as shared by Pastor Mike..

*Church joke.. Please PASS THE MIKE TO PASTOR MIKE* ~pass the sounds like Pastor

heh heh!

Session 2 - Like Mindedness & Humility

Phillipians 2:1-11
Starts with 4 "If's" then "Make my joy complete."

**Phil 4:2
Who were the Phillipians? - PERHAPS the issue was about very good christians
, mature,
asking them to work with each other**

3 Ifs of the 4 were about
- Encouragement from Christ
- Comfort from His Love
- Fellowship with His Spirit

Can all be true even if you live your life out in isolation.
We can all be Christians on our own, walk with him, etc etc

"THEN make my joy complete by being like-minded.." ??!?!?! :P
It is suggesting that there's some incompleteness.
He's saying our Christianity cannot be complete in isolation.
You can't be like minded unless there's more than 1 person.
There's something about being with other believers.
Fellowship is not just about eating.
Church celebration is structured for worship together.. but not fellowship.
We could all have our personal relationship with Christ and not have relationship with anyone else.
BUT There is something that lacks.

Being Like Minded - same love, spirit and purpose.

Our relationship with Christ is completed thru our fellowship with one another.
Question to ask ourselves why is there marriage on earth but none in Heaven?
Our experience on earth is made more complete or obvious to us in Marriage.
Marriage - extreme form of relationship/fellowship
Fellowship is a partnership.

Growing in God - can be explained by quiet time, praying & serving.
But it is thru fellowship, when the clashing of minds, living & working together, that's where our experience with God is filled out & deepened.
It is an integral part of our growth.

On your own seems fine but together there will be squabbles.

So, why does Paul talk about humility here?
- perhaps humility is like a lubricant to our relationships, as arrogance is a irritation/catalyst to our relationships
- "look not only to your own interest but to the interest of others.

- "If we don't have this we don't really love one another."

v3 "Consider others better than urselves"
- that does not have to be a problem
- sometimes ppl demean themselves via humility but that is not humility. To do that is to deny who you are.
- humilty is recognising who you are & what you have & where it comes from.

v4 "look to the interest of others"
- consider them to be worthy of ur consideration
- 99% of the time for our own interest.
- the part is not helpful is when we look to our own interest EXCLUSIVELY, that's the problem.
- some may have martyrdom syndrome - foolishness to offer urself for no good reason

"Are any of us dying for/of ministry"
Because if we all learn to give (serve in ministry), we will all have enough (to do).

In our Christian growth, Christianity is made real in community.
We can only experience Chrisitianity in relation with other ppl.
You can't live out your Christianity on our own.

When you work with each other, it will create great distress, because you will step on each other etc, and it will help you grow.
Phil 4:2

It's not about being nice but it's about how we grow.
We have the opportunity to knock heads, offended so that we can LEARN.
You can't be like minded if you don't work at it and then you hope to really grow.
There is no beauty of character, personality that comes without effort. God gives u the opportunity,

Is Humility so bad?
There's no real tangible prize for humility, but God will honour us and put us in a place of honour.
Because Jesus humbled himself and the Father exalted Him
Outworking of your personal relationship with God gets worked out and exercised with each other.

Closing Prayer:
Thank you Lord for the supreme example of Christ.
But You did not hold on to it. You died on the cross for us & God You elevated Him.. And We believe the same thing will happen when we humble ourselves.

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