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Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Been Sometime..

Yeah.. it has been sometime since I last blogged.

I got back to work on June 25th after a 2 month break. Well.. I still worked from home thanks to the boss.
Used up all my hospitalization leave.

Was in a wheelchair for quite sometime, until early September.. walked slowly.
But I did manage to go to Singapore for a conference, in August. Which was a good holiday for me + faith building.
Thanks to good friends like Shawn and Gabe who also allowed me to stay with them during that time.
Met up with family and good friends along the way.

But I have to report that the Stelara shots helped in the beginning, but I have stopped taking them, because
a. Getting a bit too expensive.. Discounted shots are RM4000/dose.. I had a total of 4 shots in a span of 6 months
b. It seems it's a life long thing

So I'm doing this the traditional way.. Pray and Stress free.

I can't say that's it's clearing up but it's spreading. Do pray for me that I will be able to handle the stress.
I am walking properly now, can't run yet. Jumping also not possible.
I am back on Dew Crew duty since the Worship God Conference in DUMC.

Trying to exercise 2-3 times a week on the bicycle and treadmill. For long distances in the mall/ park I use my crutches. If my legs are a bit tired and I need to go to the mall.. I use the wheelchair.

At the prayer conference.. this word was shared to me "UNEXPECTED"... all this while I've been expecting this and that. I need to change my mindset.. to be not stress about expecting things to happen.. but to let God work.. and continue to just be diligent in what I do.

I quit my job in December to pursue what God has called me to do.. to open up a centre of learning for Kid's with learning Differences.. yeah.. i wrote about it before.. called Vineyard..

I'm into my 3rd week running this venture with my wife and God. It's so far so good.. just I miss interacting with adults.

Nevertheless I am still thankful for the journey I've had it's taught me to hold on to God's things more preciously and to make the most out of every situation for His Glory...

Sorry for the fragmented thoughts.. this post is just to quickly update what's been happening.. I gotta get up early to meet a friend and then off to Dew Crew duty for the weekend..

Tataz for now..

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