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Friday, March 02, 2007

Preoccupying Factor : The Trek

It's been quite some time since I blogged.

Yes, I've been busy at work, but now that I am taking a new path along the Yellow Brick road...
changes are abound.. and I find myself needing something to do to preoccupy my mind instead of letting it wonder. It's not an escape, but more of just after making the decision, I would need to just let it take it's course, not worry too much..

So I've started watching my Star Trek : Voyager Season 1-7 Again..

Yeah.. I've watched it before, so I'm just reading the synopsis of the episodes and then picking and choosing which episode I want to watch.

Though the voyages of Voyager ended on TV about 6 years ago, I only managed to complete it last year. Because, I was prematurely ripped away from the season when I completed my tertiary education.
In my final year of uni, WH, Kevy, Kenny and I were crazy over Voyager, so we used to go to EZY video to rent the movies. We only managed to watch up to Season 4. And I waited 6 years before I could watch Seasons 5-7...

Sure u can catch it on Astro.. but.. tell it to someone who doesn't have Astro.. and constrained by time. So thanks to my pirate friend Skywalker, he made me copies of the series.. all compressed.

So now, I get to travel to the Delta Quadrant with the Crew of Voyage, and see all the characters that I have grown accustomed with, and remember how we used to oogle at one character...

So you might say, I'm a trekkie.. and thanks to WikiPedia.. I have grown more into a Trekkie now..

So Live Long & Prosper, I bid you.. Warp 6 ensign, Engage...



  • At March 02, 2007 1:24 PM, Anonymous coolcat said…

    Wah, you like Star Trek as much I love CSI. I love watching the old episodes - when I have the time lar :P


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