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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

DUMC Auditorium.. Too Loud? Too Soft? Just Nice?

Ah at last.. we've adjusted a few things for our main celebration auditorium / sanctuary

In the past 2 week.. a few things have been done to our Dream Centre auditorium

The "leaves" aka repeaters have been treated. But it only reduced about 20% of the echo.

The 3 array racks have been lowered slightly. and there seems to be more clarity to the sound.

However, of course different ears have different standards of acceptance.
It's too loud, it's too soft. What is the proper SPL needed.

Where I stand on the FOH it goes way up to 98dBA.

But nothing's been measured where the ppl are seated.

Honestly recommended levels for prolonged hearing )(>15 minutes) is about 80-85dB.. But that's already a bit too loud. Even from where I stand.. my SPL meter hovers around 75-80dBA. That's decent.

Only during worship different ppl have different requirements. I try my best to get everyone to have a wonderful worship experience. But I guess. that's just the best I can do..

Last week,
I learnt I made a few mistakes
a. Scared to put in more bass for the bass
b. Don't need to over compress the speaker

I hope to learn more and apply more in being a sound tech.



  • At April 08, 2009 9:38 AM, Blogger jules said…

    over compress the speakers?
    what does that mean? trying to keep it too low?

    yah, i wanna learn more too. :)

  • At April 09, 2009 1:29 PM, Blogger PaulOS said…

    as in the preacher. .hahahha
    i didn't properly do his gain structure.. a bit forgot-ing to does it..

    so.. when overcompressed.. you lose the highs in some areas.. so.. just make sure gain structure correct first.


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