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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Testimony: The JOurney So far

Last nite.. we had our Leader's Appreciation Dinner for our Zone PJN4 and PJS2 at Kokopelli.. No pictures yet.. anyways.. they'll be on facebook soon I think.

I was asked by Pastor Chris M to share my story so far.. and here's what I wrote... (of course as I shared.. I ad-libbed).. This the main gist of it..

About this time last year during I was on crutches & you see me today still using crutches from time to time & no this is not a new incidence. It has been a continuation of the same incident from then. I have what doctor's have diagnosed as an autoimmune condition called psoriasis which can lead to arthritis. This condition is primarily triggered by the stress which I faced at work doing overseas sales along with overseas technical support.
I am thankful that I can share briefly about my journey with this condition. I stayed away from church for nearly 5 months because of arthritis in my ankles & injured knees.
My wife & parents have prayed & sought various medical treatments in the past year. It was exceptionally hard to be bedridden for 2 weeks in pain & being unable to sleep as my condition worsened. It was horrible way to celebrate my 36th birthday in bed. I stayed away from church also because my wife & were getting tired of answering the same question again & again to ppl who meant well, but didn't realise that it was emotionally draining to rehearse the same answer & to politely try to refuse to try many different types of treatment.
Today I'm able to walk thru God's grace who guided us to the right place for physiotherapy. I'm not cured as this is still an existing condition. It will probably take time. We appreciate the leadership of the church for joining us in prayer & continue to covet ur prayers for us in this trying journey.
Through this time as we prayed God revealed to us that He also wanted us to fully launch our centre for children with learning differences. We came to a decision that I would quit my job. As we shared this with Pr Chris, Caryn & Pr Margaret they affirmed us it was if a burden had been lifted from the whole situation. So as of 1st of January this year I'm now full time working at our centre called Vineyard.

2 things we learnt in this journey.
Firstly we learnt not to ask God "Why" in such situations... But to ask "How do I respond" & "What do u want me to learn & do" in these situations.
Secondly there are times where we need to let our head lead our hearts & there are also times to let our heart lead our head. Primarily is to always be open to God in both avenues.

So I give glory to God for sustaining my wife & I thru this time. I ask again to remember us in ur prayers. Thank you.

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