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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Transference Pt 3

Final and last part of the Transference process ;)

This blog was posted on Aug 12, 2004

Blue Wallabies or Donkeys

The trouble with not feeling well is that you get weird dreams or you don't get a good sleep. I didn't go for cell last night. I was feeling lousy the whole day. Feeling a wee bit tired but had some amount of work to do.

I still tried to prepare for cell, but I knew that if I went for cell and prepared for WORD, I'd just end up being tired and I'd be really worse off the next day.

Anyways, why the Blue Wallaby/Donkey? I had this weird dream last night about owning this donkey but I was supposed to send it somewhere. So I had to take it on this horse cart. And so we rode on this horse cart from Kangar (my hometown) to Alor Setar about 40km) away. So we took this ride. I was quite fond of this donkey. As we sped along the road, we realised that the road was iced. Pretty peculiar.. Iced roads in a tropical country. But miraculously we didn't slip or slide. Then we reached our destination. And when we reached there, i was saying good bye to the donkey, which had then turned into a wallaby and became blue in colour. Peculiar! Was very hard to say goodbye to the creature. As we struggled, I looked away and suddenly the the wallaby disappeared into the forest. As I saw it go, the wallaby turned back into an orange donkey. All very strange.

Well that's all I can write for now. Still wondering about this colour shapeshifting donkey/wallaby. ;)
Good night!


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