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Monday, March 05, 2007

The Human Being

*This blog entry was not planned and has no conclusion as the author starts it... *

What is it with the being of a human being?

What is being, being like?

Existing for a purpose, this we know. And the purpose has never been found in it's own being. How can the created being, define it's purpose of being created? The purpose of the being that is created can only be found in it's creator...
So the purpose of an item is found in the hands of it's creator
Hence the purpose of a human is found in the hands of His creator..

Yet when the being has already decided on that postulation, why can't the being continue to believe in that. He continues to seek out new ways to devise, connive of finding it's own purpose of being, and in result, confuse and misconstrue that which he wants to believe in the first place?

The being's brain is at constant war with his heart/soul, as before he said before, he commits his mind soul and body to the purpose of His creator.... Maybe the being is confused & schizophrenic ...

The being seeks peace, but the world and all the other beings pull in different directions, it is the confuser that has pulled the beings apart from their creator, selfish desires, seemingly honourable, have insidious goals. Oh how confused is the being, may he receive peace..



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