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Monday, June 11, 2007

Cilaka Punya Penyamun...

Some of you may know my car was broken into and my company notebook was stolen.. To avoid being asked too many questions (and to get more visits from ppl to my blog.. hehehehe.. ) I'm posting an excerpt of my conversation with CC...

CC says:how are ya doing?
PauLOS says: hanging on
CC says: u wanna share what exactly happened?
PauLOS says: right from da beginning?
CC says: hmmm, perhaps can put in faq format - for all frens who come asking
CC says: but yeah, would like to know but understand if u hv answered the questions berkali-kali
PauLOS says:
after work (and Elid Band practise) .. i went to meet Emily & her mom in SS2 to shop for wedding bands,.. i carried my notebook.. bought the wedding bands.. went to the furniture shop bought our furniture.. went back to SS2 wai sek kai.. i still lugged the notebook.. went back to emily's car and my car which was just 10metres away..
PauLOS says:
i gave emily the rings for safe keeping.. and i drove off to church to go get somethings.. as I drove.. i spoke to my mom and dad.. found out my eldest aunt was diagnosed with late stage liver cancer.. then i parked at the inside church compound at the side of church at 1015pm
PauLOS says:
went in got my stuff.. chilled for a while with Crew and MWM inside church.. came out at 1045pm.. found window smashed and computer gone
PauLOS says:
went to police station.. reported and got out at about 12am
PauLOS says: that's abt it
CC says: wah lau, inside church oso ppl come?
CC says: shucks
PauLOS says: yeap
PauLOS says: just when u thought it was safe inside church compound huh?
PauLOS says: hallowed ground..
CC says: exactly
CC says: sheesh
CC says: fixed yr car window d?
CC says: did u inform church office abt this?
PauLOS says: haven't informed church yet
PauLOS says: i was away on the weekend for company trip
PauLOS says: just fixed window just now
CC says: need to beef up security there
CC says: scared if rapists come in n attack the dew crew ppl
PauLOS says: suspect that the perpatrator followed me from SS2
CC says: and saw yr laptop?
CC says: hmmm
PauLOS says: yeah
PauLOS says: as i spoke to Dr Wong. today.. he also said.. he usually leaves his notebook in the car during leader's meeting..
PauLOS says: now.. he won't lah
CC says: yeah, need to be cautious everywhere
CC says: even in church
CC says: u got good rates for fixing yr car window?
PauLOS says: yeah.. i think so RM58 for window RM30 for labour
PauLOS says: i got my power window fixed and central locking fixed too
PauLOS says: all came up to RM240
PauLOS says: didn't want to go around scouting.. just get it done
CC says: yeah..
CC says: do u hv to payback to the co?
PauLOS says: that's what I'm waiting to go and do asap
PauLOS says: knowing this company.. potong gaji to pay back
PauLOS says: *sigh*
PauLOS says: i pray for mercy
CC says: omigosh
CC says: i am praying with ya
PauLOS says: really wanna save up for wedding.. but.. now.. dunno if can or not..
PauLOS says: but i am more sad.. that all the info over 5 years i've collected.. all gone
CC says: no backup?
PauLOS says: it was in my External HDD ..
PauLOS says: which was in my laptop bag also
CC says: :(
PauLOS says: eggs in one basket
CC says: the info is more precious than the laptop
PauLOS says: yeah..
PauLOS says: a lot of work invested.. my sound tech info.. and worship songs and lyrics and chords
PauLOS says: ebil thoughts came to my mind last nite..
PauLOS says: wanna shatter da fellas head like how he shattered da mirror
CC says: don't blame ya
PauLOS says: just geramfied..
CC says: God will avenge ye
CC says: anyone will be hopping mad
PauLOS says: but i ask God to deal with them.. how he'd deal with us.. in the area of sin
CC says: i also ask that the thief be stopped in his tracks before inflicting more sufferings to other victims
PauLOS says: yeah lor
PauLOS says: anyways.. i better go face the inevitable
PauLOS says: face the fact that I might have to pay for the computer
CC says: sigh...
CC says: with depreciation, i hope it won't amount to much
CC says: n that the co will exercise grace
PauLOS says: 2 months old..
CC says: oh no..
PauLOS says: dun think they will think about that..
PauLOS says: just pray lor
PauLOS says: how do you pray in faith in such matters?
PauLOS says: we can say so many things
PauLOS says: God has gone before you
PauLOS says: Faith is being sure of what we hope for & certain of what we don't see
PauLOS says: so i hope for mercy.. and i don't see it being paid for..
PauLOS says: how do you know God's gonna be merciful when the ppl u work for may not be
PauLOS says: when i signed to get the PC.. there was a clause "will indemnify the company of the loss of the product due to negligence"
PauLOS says: a company will be come legalistic
PauLOS says: how .. in turn.. when in the future will i treat my employees or subordinates?
PauLOS says: anyways,. better get going.. see yz
CC says: u hang in there, bro
CC says: it's hard going..
CC says: but i do hope for mercy
PauLOS says: ok ... no decision yet..
PauLOS says: HR manager just wanted the police report..
CC says: that's a good sign!
PauLOS says: and she will then talk to Dr Wong
CC says: so nice of her
PauLOS says: pelik.. Dr Wong asked me to go talk to her
PauLOS says: now she tell me she will talk to him
CC says: at least she didn't ask u to talk to him
CC says: prolly she'll know what are the procedures
CC says: n docs to request from u
PauLOS says: if she did .. i'll tell her i already did
CC says: yalor
CC says: keeping me fingers n eyes crossed for ya, sistah
PauLOS says: jangan.. nanti headache dan mata juling
CC says: awwww
CC says: oklar
CC says: me uncross now
PauLOS says: if fingers are crossed u can't t ype properly either
CC says: ooops
CC says: i meant me toes
PauLOS says: ok. as long as u r not walking
CC says: me sitting
PauLOS says: keekkee
CC says: hmm
CC says: the bad thing abt having a great weekend, is having to work on mon
CC says: dang bleh
PauLOS says: my Gmail chat msg is "Cilaka Punya Penyamun ~ Ala P Ramlee"
PauLOS says: u had a great weekend?
CC says: awww, p. ramlee got a song liddat?
CC says: yuh, the best weekend in a long while
PauLOS says: something from Ali Baba version of it
CC says: when my mom kena, i wanted to sing 'Rats, They Did it again!' ala britney
C says: maybe we should come up with a parody of the song
CC says: n post on our blogs
CC says: like wat u did to my tooth
PauLOS says: hahahha
CC says: poetic therapy
PauLOS says: actually it wasn't a song.. but an ending to part of the song ..
CC says: ah so
PauLOS says:
CC says: Bikin rosaklah ana punya program
CC says: waaah, moden wei



  • At June 11, 2007 3:50 PM, Anonymous cc said…

    Awwww... I appear on yr post. Hope our chat cheered u up somehow.

    Hang in there, sistah.

  • At June 12, 2007 11:02 AM, Blogger mspuzzles said…

    hey there Sistah...

    Thank God you are ok.... hang in there okies.....

    setiap kecelakaan ada hikmah nye....

  • At June 12, 2007 12:36 PM, Anonymous Pebbles Jetson said…

    Aisey my sistah! Memang cilaka penyamun tu. Penyangak lagi! Cis! Ente bersabar lah ye. Sabar itu separuh dari Sabaruddin!

  • At June 12, 2007 5:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Paul...thank God I read this post b4 you get asked for the 4893th time.
    Usually companies these days get insurance to cover the laptops...hopefully yours did too. Am praying that you'll get everything back. I heard a case where the police caught a gang and notebooks/data were found.

    -siewkimoneofthosewholeavetheirlaptopsin thecarinthechurchcompound

  • At June 12, 2007 5:10 PM, Blogger PaulOS said…

    My company decided not to take insurance anymore.. and put the blame and responsibility on employees.. so see how lah..

  • At June 14, 2007 10:54 AM, Blogger cy77 said…

    hope everything turns out well for you paul.

    and congrats on the wedding.. as it's my first time hearing it, via blog some more... :)

    Emily is a good find!



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