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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Leadership & Responsibilities

I was just having a chit chat with a couple of friends today over lunch (If you're reading this.. don't worry I won't reveal names or circumstances)

I was just reflecting on the stages of life I've been in leadership and looking forward to my leaders ahead of me, and wonder.. what does the future hold for me, based on the decisions I make today...

Names and Numbers have been fictionally created.. to give a timeline to things

It is such a wonder that when we start working we don't know zilch on leadership
Once we've had 1-2 years, we're scared to take on leadership
Once we've had 3-5 years, we aspire to leadership
Probably after the 5th year, we are in leadership and are learning the ropes and begin to think we know all there is to leadership, building it each day .. and finding that "Hey's it's not that bad, in fact.. it's quite fun.. nice to take a power trip or 2 everyday"
After 10 years of it, you begin to start, "living leadership" and you start to have your own Vision, Mission, Belief System and think it's FANTASTIC
After 15 years.. you think you know it all and everyone else knows Zilch, and you can't stand correction.

I am in the opinion that, we should never stop learning and be willing to "eat humble pie" and not pride ourselves in our achievements, the "Babels" we've built, peoples behaviours we THINK understand.. but to still lead people to achieve their fullest potential of how God has equipped them.

Our responsibilities as leaders is not to bang them into shape, but allow God to mould them into shape. As leaders our responsibility is to nurture the gift and prune when necessary.. not to forcefully "bonsai" the vine or tree that is growing.

I find that in my reflection I too am guilty of taking "Power trips" each time.. I realise as knowledge puffs me up.. I forget about others around me. I forget to humble myself..

It ain't easy when we THINK we know how to GROW people when it's actually God that grows them, we just come along and put "fertilizer" ;>
...... some good ones, some 'raw' ones, some bad ones into each other's life..

How do we take each others' "fertilizer" and make it grow? It may smell for awhile.. but hey.. if it helps me grow.. let's embrace the fertilizer.. :) ROFL...

Just my random thoughts for today ..

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