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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Vineyard

Just to update my dear friends and family plus erhem.. potential clients

Emily & I have been praying through and wanting to hear from God about what plans He has for us as a married couple.

Over the past 6 months of marriage, we've enjoyed every moment. Of course it's got it's moments, but each moment helps us to know that there is a bigger plan ahead of us.

We've been listening to what God wants to do in us. And He said "Go ye and build an ark".. .. hehhe no lah.. been watching Evan Almighty a week ago.

But He has been speaking to us about melding her passion with a vision statement God gave me 5 years ago.

God spoke to Emily many years ago that she would work with children.. her response "I'll kill them"
For me, from a young age.. I said.. I don't like children.. yet when God gave me the vision statement it sounded like this "To build strong God-fearing families, who are unafraid to share their love to each other"

It all seems so ridiculous, but God's got a fantastic sense of humour.

Emily has been working with children who are slow-learners, ADD, ADHD, mild autism dyslexia, etc etc.for over 3 years now. And she feels that God has spoken to her that it's time to move on. Along with the mass amount of time she spends on the road driving from home to her workplace.
It is indeed time, and God paved the way, because just after we got married, we saw an opportunity for her to be equipped in teaching children with such special needs.

She is currently pursuing a diploma in Learning Disorders Management. And by the time she graduates it will be next year and due time to start putting these things into place.

The Lord's timing is good and wonderful.

So we're starting to do up our current rented house, starting with the dining room. It will still be the dining area, but with a touch of change to aid children in their learning. We hope to create a conducive one-to-one learning environment to equip children with tools to help them overcome their struggles in learning.

So do pray with us as we want to see children grow and maximize their potentials. Moving further than just equipping children we want to equip teachers and parents alike so that more and more children can be ministered to.

It seems like a huge thing to assume that we would be successful till we can have more teachers to move along with this endeavour, but nothing big today started off without having a vision for the future. But it still has to start small and start somewhere. This will be a new beginning for Emily and for me.

Who knows in 3 years time WHEN this place is successful, I will come over as a teacher as well.

We're calling this place The Vineyard as found in John 15. we would like to see that as the child grows, things that need to be pruned are pruned, things that are bad will be curbed and growth is encouraged.
We do not want the place to just be a place where we plant a seed and hope it grows, but to keep on building the children, building parents, building teachers. We hope that parents will also take an active role in enforcing things that are learnt at school our place.

so in short.. it is a huge task. Please pray.. The Lord Bless you my friends, partners in Christ.



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