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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rude People

This is kinda work issue.

It's always about what one person says against what antoher person says. We can either go about it in a nice way or a rude way.

Just encountered a nasty Vice President of a public listed company.

He accused me and my company about twisting and turning the facts. I didn't want to talk to him before because I have heard him speak, I have seen him in action.. and it's not pretty.

And there's no etiquette in his phone conversations.
Amongst the things I've heard him say

a. In discussion of a project.. he speaks loudly in the background "EH! I thought I told you we're not dealing with this company anymore?"
b. Disconnects the phone when he feels like it
c. Even my MD doesn't want to speak to him

Just because they are a rich and public listed company doesn't give them and him the right to treat others like dogs.. Just wish I could name the company.. but that would make me like them..


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