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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Core Values of DUMC

Just wanted to remind my fellow bro's and sisters at DUMC about our core values, as I was reading "The Dream Church" .. I confess, I've forgotten what they were. I pray we will remind ourselves about our core values in whatever ministry, career, work and play that we do, for we bear the aroma of Christ wherever we go. And we as the church need to be aware of the core values we stand for.

7 Core values distilled into DUMC

1. Celebrative Worship in Joy & Gratitude
2. Connected Community of Grace & Godliness
3. Compelling Faith throught the Word & Prayer
4. Cohesive Family through Truth & Faithfulness
5. Contagious Evangelism Through Love & Kindness
6. Compassionate Service of Hope & Healing
7. Courageous World Missing through the Spirit's Empowerment

We should let these core values be the foundation of what we stand for, let it be an expression of ourselves as a church, cell group, ministry group, workers, people, individuals..

To quote Pr Daniel in his book

"People need and want something to commit to, something that they feel is worthy of their best effort. People want to belong to something that can make a difference - that really counts"... Don't we all?

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