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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

T.H.E Carnival

Terrific Happening Exciting Carnival will be held at DUMC Sea Park.. or better known as OLD RUBY THEATER...

When ?
30th Sept 10am to 5pm & 1st Sept 1pm to 7pm.

What's it about?

1. Building Bridges with the Community
2. Bid Farewell to the community and Welcome them to Dream Centre
3. *Can't remember just right now*

What's gonna happen there?

Lotsa fun and games.. The Traditional way..
Traditional games will enable patrons to win points for prize redemptions at the end of the day!!
Enrolment fee for the games ? NONE!!! It's FREE!!

Foodies : Lotsa traditional foodies unfortunately not free, but REASONABLY priced...

Theme : Malaysia Ku Warisan Ku...

Promoting a love and sense of belonging to our own people to take hold of our country's heritage. And sharing with the community a Theological Statement.. God is full of JOY!!!

It was at the same Carnival 2 years ago when I was casted as P Ramlee.. in a lookalike contest...

I might reprise my role.. hopefully if agreed upon as Labi from P Ramlee's movie, Labu & Labi

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Labi & Manisah

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Labu & Labi Arguing...

Come see and be entertained by various games, shows ... Come celebrate with us. Everyone is WELCOME!!



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