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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Am selling of my Baby.....


Yes, I'm selling off my baby Ibanez guitar on for the next 5 days it will be auctioned.. If any of you are interested please let me know..

I just noticed that there's so much competition these days especially from cheaply made guitars from China.
The quality of guitars from China have dropped, I must say.. Unlike how they made them before. I tried a friend's guitar, (Ollie) .. it comes with pickup and all, but I am sad to say.. I really don't like the sound..

I am gonna miss Baby... or Ibby.. (short for Ibanez Baby)
It's a small sized guitar.. Bought it a long time ago.. about 3-4 years when I was fascinated with the small guitar size, sound and carry around flexibility. But a friend told me, it looks like a toy on me because of my size.. so I guess, it's really good for smaller sized ppl and kids.

I brought this guitar with me to Cambodia on my mission, so it actually carries memories with it. I had thought about leaving that guitar in Cambodia for the Church there.. but became stingy at the last minute.. hahaha..

Here are some pictures of Ibby...A comparison in size, Yamaha (Full Size) next to Ibanez (Baby)

View of the neck.. i.e. it's straight and has good string action.

The headstock.. :P

Update 15/11/07 : As of now .. only 136 Views and no bidders.. :(.. means no buyers..



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