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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Roots & Wings: Reading it..

Am beginnning to read a discipleship book , Roots & Wings by Pr Edmund and Ann Chan of CEFC Singapore.. here's part of what's going thru my mind today.

Was reading an excerpt out of Chuck Colson's book (as quoted in Roots & Wings).. in summary... Our affluent society and technology advancements has resulted in a life that is self centred, self absorbed, frightened and hollow ppl..
And we are all in the consumeristic lifestyle.. that says "Give us what we want" and Commercials says it all.. And business leaders do just that..

This culture even permiates the church.. are we serving the congregation what they want.. or do we present to God what God wants?

Technology and advancement should help us in our worship to be drawn towards God Himself.. to give Him our love, worship and to glorify Him!

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