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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

More on Dew Trip @ Singapore

Hi There... am back again here at 1250am...

where do I start.. yeah.. about the wonderous exposure and retreat for my ministry.
29th August 2004

We got up early on Sunday morning, proceeded for breakfast. We reached City Harvest for the 9am celebration.. this was my 3rd time to City Harvest. Must say that each time I am in awe of the servants of God serving at City Harvest. They have hearts to serve with a spirit of excellence. Celebration was as always excellent. Very "Hillsong" like, similar to what we do in DUMC! Of course more canggih, however this does not mean that we worship less because we don't have as much as them. Praise God for blessing them. We at DUMC have our own style of worship and it is also unique to us. I guess we can always learn to serve as they do, meeting the needs of our church here in PJ!

Some of the sermon points that we learnt.. about

6 Don't of Dealing with Hurts ( John 16:33 )

There are 3 ways that we can hurt
1. We hurt physically
2. We hurt emotionally
3. We hurt relationally

So the 6 ways with dealing with hurt (especially wrt #3) are

1. Don't ignore the hurts (Ps 39:2-3)
2. Dont' run from the hurt (Ps 55:6-8)
3. Don't hide your hurt (Ps 32:3)
4. Don't worry about the hurt (Job 5:2, Ps77, Ps55:2, PS37:8)
- worry is an attempt to control something that cannot change. Even if you can change it be careful because as followers of Christ we need to apply faith.
- Worry is actually prayer in reverse.
- Prayer (in faith) enables us to recognise and makes God "bigger" in the circumstance
- Worry (dwelling upon the issue) makes God smaller in our lives.
5. Don't resent the hurt
6. Don't give up

I guess point #4 speaks very much to me. And I need to exercise FAITH even more. Because my aim in my life is to please God and in Heb 11:6. Without Faith it is impossible to please God! So I thru prayer I continue to claim that I will overcome worry and increase in faith!! Amen!

We met up with Mr Suraj, the facilities officer after the celebration. We met him 2 years ago. Don't think he remembers me. Well, he gave us a tour of the facilities, which was amazing and learnt more this time around! Am amazed at how they have served, I pray that we'll catch the same spirit of excellence and servanthood that they have over here at City Harvest. Throughout the whole time, he was always smiling and even "belanja" (paid for) us with some muffins and brownies and Apple & Aloe Vera juice! Amazing..

Hey, better sign off now! Better fellowship with my fellow ministry mates!

Lord Bless you all.. till later.. God Bless


  • At August 31, 2004 12:51 PM, Blogger Yahkid said…

    Glad you are back dude! Missed ya!

  • At May 10, 2006 5:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi and God bless!
    Just some information from Sweden.
    The worshipleader of the youthministries in Word of Life, Uppsala will release a new fantastic song.

    Download it and listen to it. Soon you will find it on - the song is called "Holy".

    You can also download this fantastic worshipsong on

    Welcome to Scandinavia!!!!!!


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