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Saturday, October 29, 2005

So Da Busy but yet.. It's Good!

Have been really busy the past couple of weeks .. that the Sinkapo Trip has not even been fully blogged yet.. man!!!

Anyways, It's been a hectic week

From Going Back Hometown to Work to Church to Band Practice to Weddings to dating etc etc etc

Yeah.. lotsa things.. and these are all the things that are important to me (Not in that order necessarily)
*The order was random believe me.. unless anyone care to psychoanalyse me?*

In a nutshell, I am kept occupied.. yet.. I must say that my prayer life is.. growing somewhat.. ;)
I think it's when you have great encouragers in your life that pray for you as well...

Let's summarise the past month (Sept to Oct)...

I was on Dew Crew Duty for 3 consecutive weeks(Sept), in between, I was still giving Sound training to some of the interested candidates

7-9 Oct - I went back to my hometown, to visit my parents, get a doctor's checkup, help out with my hometown church feast day and followed by 12 holes of wonderful, glorious golf..

16th Oct - Attended my Uncle's graduation from The School of Acts.

19 - 21 Oct - Jesus Heals Rally @ DUMC

22 Oct - My cell member's Wedding (I was Emcee, Back Up Singer and Organizer)

And here we are already at the end of October.. I must thank God almighty for all that He has given me...

A Wonderful God
Good health (well can be improved more)
Wonderful Parents (I need to improve how I treat them)
Excellent Cell Members
Good Friends (Haven't met up with you guys lately)
Fantastic Dew Crew Members (Nice to work with you guys)
A Hip Happening Band (S.O.S ~ soon to change it's name)
And most recently... and so wonderfully blessed am I, I am now in a wonderful relationship, with someone.

Yes, some of you already know and some of you already have met her.. and I believe that patience really pays off as a friend told me a couple of days ago.
I am so blessed to be with someone who's funny, patient, beautiful, pure, real and most of all holy. Truly indeed she brings the presence of God with her.

And no, I'm not gonna post her picture on my blog anytime soon, has to get her approval first.. :)
Appreciate none of you mentioning her name in this blog either. :)

So I covet your prayers my dear brothers and sisters that I might grow more and more in His presence along with this wonderful lady. In ALL things, I will praise the Lord My God.

Next week, is gonna be a long holiday, and I am gonna sort a few things out.. Like my room! ha ha ha.. it's a mess.. pity.. no camera for Before and After pictures..

Till then Good Night Y'all.. Happy Holidays and Festivities.. Go for the Thosai's and The Ketupats man!!!!



  • At November 21, 2005 6:22 PM, Blogger Grace said…

    Yeah Paul, am so happy for you.. with this new relationship of yours... it sounds like you have been busy lately. Really enjoyed our chat session at Sri Paandi's the other day.. take care and hope to catch up with you someday!


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