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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wedding Singer : Solo This Time

Excerpt of my conversation with my cousin..

Sometime in the Morning

Cousin: hows things with u..
pjamess_2000: ok lah.. pretty ok
Cousin: ok...
pjamess_2000 what's new?
Cousin: wanted to ask u if u can perform
pjamess_2000 oh..
Cousin: a few sebastian's favourites
pjamess_2000: at your wedding? or wedding dinner?
pjamess_2000: you tell me.. i'll arrange (Thought Bubble (TB): What am I getting myself into? :O )
Cousin: for the wedding dinner
Cousin: great
Cousin: but just 2 -3 songs..
pjamess_2000: okie.. (TB: Am I digging my own grave?)
pjamess_2000: so just a feature lah..not thru the nite entertainment
Cousin): yep....
Cousin: hehe....u want to perform the whole nite pun boleh
pjamess_2000: hahha.. coz you know right I got a band.. (TB:Haha.. trying to promote Vertigo)
Cousin: oh ya..
Cousin: but for 2 -3 songs....just u would be good kan? (TB: RATS!! She doesn't want Vertigo)
pjamess_2000: can.. but scary..
pjamess_2000: esp family
pjamess_2000: hahahha
pjamess_2000: hopefully A won't "force" herself up on stage.. i.e. if she's invited.. kakakkaka
Cousin: hehehe....
pjamess_2000: just let me know lah..
pjamess_2000: probably get my brother to help me
Cousin: y la ...she did it b4?
Cousin: ya .....wud be great if u could do 2 numbers
pjamess_2000: no.. she never did before.. coz no opportunity
Cousin: haha...
pjamess_2000: but.. i think this is da opportunity she's been looking for.. hahahah
pjamess_2000: just let me know the songs..
Cousin: let me know ur song selections...
pjamess_2000: you tell me your favourites first.. or the "sebastian favourites " as you coined it
Cousin: hmmmmmm....
pjamess_2000: i can learn the songs lah
pjamess_2000: as long as it doesn't involve a full band
pjamess_2000: you want oldies or new bies?
pjamess_2000: i show you my band list also..
Cousin: give me some suggestions la
pjamess_2000: which email to send to you?
Cousin: i think one of each will be good
Cousin: ya great
pjamess_2000: ok sent
Cousin: thanks will check...
pjamess_2000: okiez
pjamess_2000: is there a fav song for you and Fiance?
Cousin: me and fiance ah...not really any fav...but we kind of like the new ronan keating's song
pjamess_2000: ah... the duet? (TB:PLEASE NO DUET!!! I don't want to DUET)
Cousin: its a solo... (TB:HALLELUJAH!!!)
Cousin: duno the song name la....
Cousin: something about " the promise"
pjamess_2000: oh ok
pjamess_2000 : can't figure out which song
pjamess_2000: so far any preference yet?

Somewhere in the Evening (A conversation with my brother)

pjamess_2000: bro..
pjamess_2000: got mission for you
pjamess_2000: we do a duet at Cousin's wedding
pjamess_2000: i get an amp for you ..
pjamess_2000: do about 2-3 songs
pjamess_2000: dunno what songs yet
pjamess_2000: she asked lah
Ane: like that one ah ?? heh ..
Ane: sure not going to rain after that ??
pjamess_2000: can do lah
Ane: heh .. ok .. what songs wanted ??
pjamess_2000: unknown as of now
Ane: ok ... 2 /3 songs ... does she want rain and all to come ah ??
Ane: heheh
Ane: or she got vocalist already ??
pjamess_2000: you and i singh-ing
Ane: well .. something for us to wonder la ..heh ..
Ane: yeah .. that would complete it .. wear turbans and come out ...
pjamess_2000: heh heh
pjamess_2000: then say to the crowd.. Cousin asked us to Singh
Ane: only have to make sure no singhs in the crowd there ..
pjamess_2000: dat's right
Ane: ok .. got to go la .. catch you later then ..
pjamess_2000: but you know unc B's sister is married to a singh
Ane: aiyoh .. susah man like that ..
Ane: yeah .. i remember that ...
Ane: so better not ask for too much trouble ..
pjamess_2000: hahahha

Later On in the Evening (Back with my cousin)

pjamess_2000: hiiiiiiiii
Cousin: helo
Cousin: saw ur list....
Cousin: cool
Cousin: so these u can do solo is it? (TB: Oh really? I think soo... )
pjamess_2000: i can try.. just pick and choose then i gotta practice
pjamess_2000: if got oldies i can try also
Cousin: "i want to break free" ...might be appropriate....hehe
pjamess_2000: HUA (TB: Killer gila song)
pjamess_2000: you must be kidding
Cousin: ya la...




  • At September 14, 2006 10:55 AM, Anonymous Pebbles Jetson said…

    and in counter part to that Queen song, how bout, "How could you just walk away from me/ when all I could do is watch u leave/When we shared the laughter and the pain/We even shared the tears/ You're the only one, who really knew me at all ... Take a look at me noooooooooowwwwwww" :D


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