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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Treo Died .. Well Not Really

Last Friday I was at a carpark and then dropped my beloved Treo650.
(UPDATES at the bottom of post)

I didn't realise till later that I could no longer hear or speak into the phone.

EKKKS! I could sms, read bible, Sync, do calendar stuff.. all except hear or speak into the phone!

So on Friday nite I backed up as much info as I could from the Treo to my notebook.

Well I sent it for repair at Digital Mall. Seemed a decent shop for repair.
RM30 for labour and the rest is just parts.

The guy calls me up on Saturday to tell me that he needs my charger to charge my battery.

When I met him on Sunday, he told me the bad news

a. He repaired the phone and it was working, making and receiving calls
b. He said after he put the casing back on, it didn't display anything and turns OFF after it is switched on.
c. He said he'll try to repair it further.
d. He broke my sim card holder while trying to take out the SIM card holder. AIYO!

I was sad and miffed at the same time.

So I took it back on Monday and he said there's nothing more he can do .
I was even more sad and miffed.

So I took the phone and tried many means to revive it, reset, etc etc . short of giving it CPR. :P

Anyways.. as I soon discovered that actually the OS is still working. BEcause of some of the button presses that I normally perform like
a. Unlock Keypad (is followed by the lighting up of the keyboard backlight)
b. Lock Keypad (is followed by shut down of keyboard backlight)
c. Pressing other keys like messaging, calendar will bring it out of Lock Mode
d. Brightness control will also show up on the Keyboard backlight.

This leads me to believe he KILLED my PDA touchscreen. So I'm going back there to see if there's anything he can do.

Anyways.. do pray I can get it repaired. Otherwise I have to buy one "Open Box" unit for RM500.


UPDATE : 22 April 2009

This morning at 9am, my Treo RANG! hahaha.. AS I remember it must be the calendar reminding me to read my Journaling Bible Reading Plan. So you see.. it's not dead.. it is a live. Treo's Not Dead, It is Alive!.

Now just to look for a screen to replace it (maybe I'll repair it myself.. if I can find a spare screen) hehehhe

I think for now, I'll go ahead and buy the Open Box unit, and in the meantime look for the screen separately.
Best Scenario.. I have 2 TREOs (and hopefully to last me 10 years)
Worst Case Scenario.. I Have 1 TREOs to last me next 5 years.

Not a bad deal eh?

UPDATE 23 April:

I'm going to buy the TREO tonite.. wondering anyone wanna follow me to Mid Valley? Alvin can't follow me.. he's busy.. *sigh*..
Anyways.. new TREO here I come.

UPDATE 24th April:

I bought my Treo last night from Sean. A quick and brief meeting. But he was interested enough to know what happened to my phone.

I am currently sychronizing my phone with the backup information.
I initially had trouble, but tikam here and there.. I managed to get it to work. Phew. I'm glad it's on it's way to recovery.

Next step. See if I can revive the other phone with spare parts.

Side Note: With this new phone I used the 512 MB SD card to give to my wife so that she can ressurect her Zire71. It's good now she's got the Bible installed in it.

What a relief.. thank God I can purchase a BRAND NEW Treo650 for a wonderful price.


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