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Monday, March 28, 2005

Keys To Releasing Your Potential

No no no.. I am not preaching.. just sharing what I learnt about a year ago, and I think I am still failing to fully realise this teaching. Below, are the sermons notes from City Harvest Church, Singapore shared by Pastor Kong Hee, when I was there from the 16th to 18th April 2004.

Keys To Releasing Your Potential

Living with the ability brings about a sense of responsibility. Dying with the ability unused reveals irresponsibility. Our responsibility is sowing & reaping. Unreleased potential can be dangerous.
What you have done so far is only a mere fraction of who you are supposed to be. Sometimes we dont know or understand our potential

1. Know your SOURCE *not socks*

(Joke : I scribled down in my sermon notes "source" but to my friend sitting next to me it looked like "socks". So "Jesus is Paul's socks" was a joke.)

*Think about the analogy of the SONY DVD Player and it's manual. How we need to refer to the manual for the DVD player in order to know how it functions according to it's purpose.
When the DVD player is spoilt we need to take it to the AUTHORISED dealer so that it can be diagnosed and fixed.

Same goes to us, our manual is the Bible and our Authorised dealer is the Holy Spirit. God knows what we are made for and how we are meant to function and operate. And we need HIM to heal us when we are spoiled.*

a. God believes in you and your abilities (given to you by God)

b. You are in God's class because you are Spirit- Gen 1:26-27
i. God spoke in the Spirit
ii. Making - "asah" ~ Hebrew- making something out of something else. (fish created out of the sea) (plants and animals created out of the ground)
iii Creating - barah - making something out of nothing

c. You are designed to operate like God.
i. created in His image. Our spirit is like His.
ii. Created to be like God
Rom 1:17 - The Just live by faith
Rom 14:23 - what is not from faith is sin.
If you arent' functioning like God you are "malfunctioning"

d. You can dominate rule and subdue the earth
e.g cigarettes, alcohol are all produced by the earth. These things are not meant to rule you. We are not meant to be addicted to these things.In fact the "earth" is for us to dominate.

1 Cor 9:27 - We must discipline the body to rule/dominate the earth
1 Cor 6:12 - Everything is permissible and but not everything is good

e. You can plan to do and be anything
Gen 11:6 (Building of the tower of Babel) "then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them"God interfered in building of the tower. Unless God interferes we can plan to do anything and do it.

f. You can accomplish what others consider impossible
Mk 9:23 - All things possible to him who believes
Matt 14 - Jesus & disciples in the boat during the storm- Peter operated in faith and operated like God because of the law of faith. He walked on water just like Jesus(Mk11:24)

g. You must stay attached to God
Jn 15:4 "ABIDE" staying attached is a necessity. Man without God is a paralyzed spirit walking on two legs.
Heb 1:3 - Done by the word of God
Eph 3:20 - "ACCORDING to the power that is within us"
Phil 4:13 "through Christ" meaning "with Christ"
Rom 8:31 - with God we are UNLIMITED with our own experiences and abilities we are limited

2. Understanding your FUNCTION
2 Cor 4:16 - "our inward man is being renewed everyday"
Ecc 3:11 - He has put eternity in our hearts - we (our inward man) are made to last eternally

Don't equate your life with your body. FAITH makes things happen. Potential makes a demand on faith and faith makes a demand on potential.

** Personal notes
We are not MEASURED by what we see in our body, because the core of MAN is his Spirit. Therefore we are SPIRIT. Therefore meaning that we are without boundaries. The spirit is eternal. Therefore , dont get hung up on what we have or the past. We are made to grow, to pursue for things in the future. Therefore we should be excited about the future and not the past. How much good can it do if we are still excited about the past. The things in the past will soon be boring. **

Phil 3:13 - Look to the future to motivate and not the past.

So are we living life from the "body" or from the "Spirit"? Know your source.
The body can easily get "tired" HOWEVER Spirit - God's spirit is always energised.
This potential is used to be realised for the future.
"Faith draws deep into the potential that has been implanted. Faith demands/draws from potential & vice versa. Therefore we focus on God in order that He be glorified"

3. Understand your PURPOSE
Success and accomplishments without an understanding of purpose is meaningless. It will only lead to disillusionment and emptiness. No amount of wealth and fame and status can give you the fulfilment that you want. It doesn't matter what you do, if you don't understand why you are doing it, you are wasting your time.

Gal 1:15-16 - our purpose has been preassigned to us before even we were born
The purpose of something is the reason why it exists or the manufacturer's original intent of making it.

Only God knows our purpose and why we exist. We need to find out from Him then only can we understand it from His perpective and original intent of making us the way He made us.

Life without purpose brings abuse (Abnormal Use), thus damaging it.

*Disclaimer : These sermons notes are just the authors interpretation and in no way intended to defame the pastor in question. Read it with wisdom and understanding that comes from the Lord. And I pray that you understand it and it will impact your life*

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