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Monday, January 24, 2005

Roti Jala @ The Terminal

Once in a while I'd organise a movie meet up with a few friends from church. This movie meet up would encompass a movie and a home cooked dinner. It's actually an excuse for me to cook for my friends and hopefully to expand the the borders and improve my culinary skills.

I however do not consider this as a career "backup" plan if all else fails...

I attempted to make Roti Jala last night. Roti Jala translates directly to Net Bread. It is much more like a pancake that is think and has the form of a net. It was purely experimental and I had the lab rats.. err I mean my friends to come and taste it.

I bought a "hot plate" or as we call it in tamil "Thosai Kalle" and the mould to make the Roti Jala from PJ Old Town for RM25 (discounted from RM38) and RM 1.50 respectively. The mould is actually a cup with 4-5 spouts/holes at the bottom of it. Using the Roti Jala to scoop the mould, then letting the mould drip/ooze through the holes onto the hotplate. Then you get your Roti Jala.

It turned out ok, just a bit powdery, maybe too much flour. Must say it was succesful for a first timer like me, never did get the recipe down properly from mom, but I think she'd be proud of me. I did tell mom and dad last nite about it, and they were quite pleased. :).. My brother didn't really like picking up cooking skills. I wonder when I'll start baking.

But maybe, the baking part I'll leave to my future wife........
*Erhem* Yes.. I'm still single.. ;)
But this is not an advertisement-lah ... Just wish "you know who" is reading this... :)

Lina, Agnes and I had a good time catching up on some "gossip" and had a good time laughing at each other telling our silly stories. Then we proceeded to watch The Terminal. T'was a good "feel-good" movie, just maybe we didn't really get the ending that we all like to see, but hey what love can actually bloom in an Airport Terminal. I think I'll want to watch it again to read into the characters in more depth. Can't quite describe the characters as of now. I think I was a wee bit tired last nite to really think about the characters and the significance of ongoing Napoleon discourse between the 2 main characters.

That's all fer now people.. PaulOS Blogging Off


  • At January 26, 2005 8:45 PM, Blogger beauideal said… that what u were doing that sunday nite when i came over? time tell lah u made roti jala. Can Tapau balik to favourite!

  • At January 27, 2005 9:16 AM, Blogger PaulOS said…

    Hi Hi, you looked busy that day, yeah was busy making the roti jala at that time.. :) Still got little bit more left to make, sure gonna finish soon.


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