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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Best Things of 2004

Blessed New Year to all.. I pray all have been blessed and have been greatly blessed the past year. And we look forward to more and more of it this year. Amen!!

Here's probably just a fraction of the best things that have happened to me last year (in no particular order)

  1. Going for Mission Trip To Cambodia
  2. Being blessed tremendously by friends to go for the Mission Trip
  3. Meeting Cambodians and praying for them
  4. Getting healed day by day of old injuries (Been a bane to me for few years)
  5. Growth in cell, it feels like a new cell group that I have today.
  6. Gone for 2 Roadtrips ; Singapore and Up North
  7. Gone to Singapore for Ministry trip
  8. Playing golf more and being more consistent
  9. Better working relations in the office
  10. Able to reach out more to colleagues
  11. Having great & wonderful brothers and sisters in DUMC ; MAG, Cell, Dew Crew, MWM, Children Church and various ministries.
  12. Conscious effort of drawing closer to God and reading more & more books
  13. Growing deeper in love, respect and honour with my parents.
  14. Made another Best Friend *guess who?*
  15. Amorous pursuit back online ;) but am doing it differently. Submitted in prayer and guidance from God Almighty.. curious people can ask me but dunno if got reply for you or not.. ;)
  16. Growth in my bass guitar playing skill in some measure and confidence

In short life has been great.. and the 4 goals I've had last year have been achieved.. Pray with me for a great follow up on more goals for the coming year. Praise God for Goodness. And He NEVER changes.


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