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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

All the differences such Controversies

As I remember what my sister in law said recently after she was listening to Marina Mahathir at Ops Gegar (2 months ago)

Moslems and Christians are not that much different

a. We're driven by same history
b. We're passionate about winning souls to our faith
c. We're drive by the "Word of God"
d. We believe that no one else is saved unless they profess the faith

I am not saying Who's right or Who's wrong.. I am just trying to bring an understanding to the fact that there is a lot of restrictions in sharing one's faith openly.

In general the people of the Book, believe that our salvation is not through our works but through a saving God.. Now, who is the true God is what the whole world is contending about. These 2 biggest and still growing faiths fight each other, blood is spilt, and it taints the land.

I just pray that we should learn to respect one another, let God be the judge, after all we all do believe in a just and righteous God who has His own prerogative. Let Him be the judge and not take offense in people who insult our faith. God is more than able to act out retribution and punishment justly.

I really want to see the people of God come together and just live to build each other up. Yes we live in an imperfect world, but let's make the best out of life.. live it to the fullest for His Glory.

For we are neither right nor wrong.. and we can never know honestly if we are right or wrong. .only God is.. and He will mete out His judgement in righteousness & peace with grace & mercy.

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