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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ye Roadhouse Grill Adventure Part IV

And now.... a word from one of our sponsors.. .(not by our choice.. ) they were there before we came..

Put a Tiger in your Tummy! *grin*
Image hosted by

Remember to give the food a 2 Thumbs up (or with Kacang Ngan Yin) style thumbs up
Image hosted by
Actually this pic is quite blur.. I'm holding a groundnut in my hand to make a comparison to the size of the groundnuts. Supposed to look like 2 Thumbs Up.

And lastly....


DO NOT....

Feed The Monkeys any peanuts.. they'll pull a funny face at ya!
Image hosted by

Sorry Chris no disrespect intended.. maaf ya.. but couldn't resist putting up this pic!

Hope you had some nice laughs! Enough Korn-iness for 1 day eh?

Take care everyone, Coming soon in the next blog.. A Quickie Roadtrip to Penang!


  • At April 29, 2005 12:03 AM, Anonymous ansonfclef said…

    Ha - I thot I heard u saying u r going to Singapore by end of April??

  • At April 30, 2005 3:25 AM, Blogger PaulOS said…

    The penang Quickie Roadtrip was in Early April.. done already.. now I am in Singapore at Gabe's place.. ha ha ha .. Bro.. wanna tell you how much I appreciate your care and concern for me. Thank for being there!


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