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Monday, September 27, 2004

3 Weddings and 1 Tired Guy

2 Down... 1 To Go!!

Yeah 1 attended 2 Weddings in the past 2 weekends...

Wedding #1 - 18th Sept
I missed the wedding which was on 17th Sept at 11am. I did attend the reception held at KL Renaissance on the following day. The bride is a good family friend of mine. We're from the same hometown and secondary school. E-Ling was my junior (3 years) in school. Every since she,her father, brother and her sisters accepted the Lord, that's when we began to get closer.

So anyway the reception was not much of a highlight for me because I was lost in a sea of people whom I didn't know. I was surprised to meet a DUMC member at the wedding. Emily a backup singer in church. So we just talked while a friend's kid bugged me from time to time.

*Prior to the reception I was involved with a Christian band competition (All Rise) from 12pm till 5pm. Wasn't anything great, my guitar sifu (Chris), Bernard (ex-cell member) and I entered the competition for fun. The title of our song was "Jesus Don't Let It Rain". It was just the chorus of the song, nothing else.. I'll post the song and have a look at the song which (honestly) didn't have much to do with Praise or Worship aspect to it. Most bands presented their items and were also performance based, but hey.. whatd'ya expect.. it's a band competition.*

The next day I got up early and went on to church to serve in the Dew Crew (a Ministry arm in my church that serves the people using our expertise in handling the sound and video system in church). That was followed by Band training session for members of the Worship team to hone their skills etc. We had a great time with our own rendition of "Lift Him Up" by Ron Kenoly

Needless to say that it was a tiring weekend

Wedding #2 - 25th Sept & 26th Sept

A distant cousin of mine, Edwin Ambrose got married to his long time girlfriend of 8 years. Her names Joanna or as her old friends call her Sze. Pronounced "Zee" I went to this wedding actually to represent my parents.

*So.. okay... I've been a wee bit busy and unable to complete this blog entry.. It's now 14th of October.. so the 3rd wedding's already over*

So yah, talking about my cousin Edwin's wedding. From what I remember about the wedding. It was quite cool. The wedding actually started on time unlike many other weddings where the bride's usually late.

After the wedding held at St Ignatius Church (along LDP), we adjourned to a lunch reception which was actually quite nice. I met up with my uncles and aunts. I didn't know many people there apart from them.
My cell member Angie who's moving to Malacca also met up with my aunt at the reception. I think both my aunt and Angie will get along quite well when they meet up over there in Malacca.

As usual the uncles and aunties will ask the customary question "When's your turn?" And they'll try to introduce you to some distant cousin or some other single and available candidates, which is quite fun anyway.

It's quite cool once you're single and secure in the Lord that you are "pressured" by these questions. Of course, in our hearts we all want to seek that "life partner" but, once God comes in and calms all your worries, you know He's got all the bases covered and you no longer need to struggle and strife. I think I enjoy weddings very much especially if the food is good.

Later that night we again met up at Hyatt Saujana Subang. I wore my Cambodian silk shirt for the first time and it felt quite nice actually. Was formal yet casual. No pictures taken though, maybe next time.

There was some confusion and a moderately long wait for us to be seated. I was supposed to have been seated with my aunts and a few cousins, but my aunts did not turn up. So they seated a few of the single and available people at one table. Well there were only 5 of us. 3 of us were first cousins while the other 2 ladies were distant cousins. Was cool to meet up with Sharmani and Melissa. We all tried to talk but the music was too loud and the singer, Vishnu kept on trying to sing some of his own rendition of Love songs from the retro era. Was alright actually, but being a purist I still like the old style.

We parted company and I reached home nearly 12pm.

Wedding #3 2nd October

The wedding was held in Klang. It was the wedding of family friend. Mr James Ragavan and Amenda. Forgot her surname though. I picked up my Aunt's from Sierra Mas, Sungai Buloh and rushed on over to the Church in Klang just in time for the wedding mass.

T'was an old and nice looking church I must say. The wedding went on fine until it after the sermon. The bride's mother and entourage got lost in Klang. So we waited for almost 30 minutes whilst the band played on. The choice of songs were alright, however the acoustics of the church (arches and all) was not meant for a 4 piece band. It sounded very echo-y and muffled. Churches with arches were meant for choral voices and arrangements. Anyways, that's what you get when you become a sound-techie-geek.

Well, the bride's mom and entourage arrived and the wedding went on. Then after the wedding during the lunch reception, I met up with a few old 'kampung' friends from Alor Star and Kangar. Mostly friends of my mom and dad. Again the representative answered the customary questions etc etc. Was really cool to be complimented.

After the lunch I drove my aunts back to Sierra Mas, but not before getting lost on the highway. It was a good 20 minutes trying to find my way back. Mind you this was the first time in Klang without a guide. So it was an adventure.

Attending 3 weddings in 3 weekends is tiring especially when you're running here and there etc etc. But nevertheless it was very enjoyable. Thus ends this entry.. Phew.. thank God I got it over and done with!


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