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Friday, May 20, 2005

31 Gone and 39 More To Go *winks*

Just turned 31 a couple of days ago.. Huzzah!!

*Excuse the title.. it's just my personal countdown... I don't expect to live beyond 70 years old*.. it's just a thought. If the Lord gives me long life ok what! If short, also ok what!

As always, I am not much of a birthday "celebrator" or celebrant. I do enjoy blessing others at their birthdays, but I don't expect people to organise my birthdays, coz I don't quite like too much of the attention. However, it's nice when people organise a b'day party for me.

It's been a practice of mine to just remain quiet during my birthday and be reflective, pensive and in a state of fasting for the whole day.

This year has been a bit different actually. Without saying much, it's been a year of changes, and my mood around my birthday this year was filled with some anxiety/frustration. Nevertheless my birthday was still a good one.

On the monday before my birthday.. I was delightfully surprised by the Dew Crew members I was teaching. Yes, I teach.. I was teaching a bunch of Dew Crew members about Sound technical items and terms that will help them understand how to handle Sound Mixing in church in the future. At the end of the class, they brought out a cake and Sang the "Happy Birthday" song for me. I couldn't stay long as I had to run off to the airport to pick up my parents who were coming back from their Perth Holiday.

Unfortunately this year, my parents couldn't stay back to celebrate my birthday here in KL, as my brother was due to go up North to conduct a seminar at the Northern University, so my parents went up to Ipoh to hitch a ride with him, and to also provide accomodation for my brother during his stay.

On the eve of my birthday, I was just chilling at home, waiting for Eric to come pick me up. We were supposed to go together to purchase our Star Wars III ticket. Otherwise I was just not feeling nice to be alone on the eve of my birthday.

Thanks to Eric and Li Ping, it was a good way to spend time with 2 good friends(without them knowing). Eric picked me up at approximately 9pm, and we went to 1 Utama to just buy the tickets and chill. After buying the 12 tickets for a bunch of us (yes, we're "bananas" .. a bunch of... ;) ) we went to makan Roti Jala and Ice Kacang at Penang Mari.

Then I brought them home coz someone had to answer the call of nature.. (btw.. this blog is quite late.. it's now 3rd of June)... and we played UNO till past midnite. I won 3 out of the 5 games we played. I just kept silent about it being my birthday already.. and no one noticed. It was fine with me.

Went to bed, with some reflection on what God was gonna have in store for me that day.. and just continued to praise God in all things..

Work was quite the usual, and as always, i fast on Wednesdays in preparation for cell. I found at that morning, a few of my Engineering Dept colleagues were leaving. It's a pity I didn't get to share with them the Gospel of Love and Salvation. *sigh* another missed opportunity. We gave them a farewell lunch at this Seafood Restaurant at Kayu Ara. While they ate Seafood.. all I did was "See-Food"

I remained quiet about my birthday throughout the day until a colleague asked.. "Hey, so what are you going to do tonight?".. I said "I'm excited because I am gonna celebrate my birthday with my cell group"...

My cell members came, without much as a "peep" or inkling that it was actually my birthday that night at cell. I still didn't feel un-loved. I felt God's love ultimately.. and it was fantastic. Only towards the end of the Cell Meeting did they suddenly realise it was my birthday.. They sang a "funny" version of Happy Birthday for me.. and I was touched.. and shy at the same time. Thank God for my funny cell members :)

We then adjourned to Penang Mari for dinner with Anson, Sharon, Emily and Cheah Wei. We had a fun time joking and makan-ing. Satay, Roti Jala etc etc. It was indeed a day to rejoice and have fun with my cell members..

They did celebrate my birthday a week later at a combine cell meeting at my place.. and I was indeed touched once again.. when I received my birthday present given to me by 5 of my cell members. Indeed thoroughly blessed

Firstly they bought me this item..

Image hosted by

But I had to get it changed because it was too small for me to use and I might just lose it. So now I have a brand new spanking handphone..

Nokia 1100
Image hosted by

The Panasonic phone was half the size of this phone..

So yah.. thank God for a wonderful birthday.. and indeed greatly blessed!

Thank you my loving cell members.. I do indeed love you so very much. Cheerioz


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