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Friday, June 24, 2005

Cambodia Revisited!!

It's 305am. I'm here in Edge Kew, the Church Multimedia office/department.
What am I doing here at an unearthly hour? Well, I'm here accompanying my housemate. He just came back from his Cambodia Mission trip and he's performing a video edit of the video shots that he took over there..

oopss.. it's time to go back.. will blog more later :)

6th July .. again here at 315am with my housemate and Nicole and Wei Ching.. they're still editing the video ha ha ha..

Anyways, trying to remember what happened last year.. it was indeed a great trip that opened my eyes to the trials and tribulations of the Khmer ppl. A mission trip changes your perspective on the things that you take for granted and reminds you to be thankful for all that you have.

Among the things I remember are
1. The pastors only get about USD 50 a month to take care of their flock and their own family
2. Some Khmer villagers live in a house/hut much smaller than my room, with nothing much more than a mosquito net shared by 5 family members and they can still smile
3. They still go to church even though it is 5 miles away on dirt road in hot humid Cambodia.

In all of that they still smile and cared for us. I felt very humbled when I was there. Indeed, when we see the hungry and the lost, it gives us a Kindgom perspective, to see that the things of this earth are temporary and fleeting, but the Joy and the presence of the Lord is of utmost importance.

You want a trip to see the Kingdom of Heaven, go on a mission trip, take the comforts out of your life, without a handphone, TV or newspaper and focus on Him and His people, you will be blessed mightily with a glimpse of His presence in the hearts of the ppl you reach out to...

I miss Cambodia, and the people there.. they brought me back to earth when I was somewhat disillusioned then.. Praise be to God.



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