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Monday, July 04, 2005

Forgetful.. But in His Presence

I've been quite forgetful of late. But as the title says, Still in His Presence..

Incident #1 :

I came back from Sekhar and Sue Ann's wedding late Saturday night and parked my car in the porch.. And the next morning, realised that there was a pool of oil & water under my car streaming down to the rear tyres.

I was of course concerned. I then reversed my car out of the house to discover that there's a lot of oil residue on the porch floor.

I grew even more concerned.. So I popped the hood then, checked the oil level and it looked pretty decent. But decided to top it up with some of the leftover oil I had in the cannister. So I opened the oil inlet, and topped up the oil and then quickly closed the hood and rushed off to church. Drove around whole week, preparing to go for CYZ-HeartCore camp.

On Friday, 24th June, I decided to top up the coolant and windshield water. Then I looked at the Oil inlet, to discover that I had not closed the cap back onto the Oil inlet. Horror almost overtook me with the thought "Where's the Oil Cap?!??!" , I calmed down and just, cooly looked and found it cradled nimbly in a mess of wires next to the oil inlet. I quickly took the oil cap and covered the oil inlet with it. It was understandably oily because of all the oil that was spewing out of the oil inlet.

I checked the oil level, and discovered it to be.. well within the safe level. Praise God...

I drove to PD that day and back on Sunday without a hitch. Praise Be to God... of course my passenger Rueben was praying hard after I told him what had happened. ;)

*The oil patch that was under my car was because my housemate's car that was left in the porch for 1 week.. had sprung an oil leak, thus the huge oil patch in the porch. The condensed water from my air cond dripped onto the oil patch making it look like my car had a massive oil leak. I came back late that night and did not realise the oil patch.*

Incident #2:

Today, I was supposed to go to Cyberjaya to deliver and demo a product. So I busily prepared for my trip, but being mindful of Him at all times, the HeartCore prayer.. does put things into perspective and we do see His presence working wonderfully...

So, I tried to leave in the morning but the demo product still had to be tweaked by the developer, so I only got the product ready by 3pm. I carried this 5 foot tall demo product down the stairs, loaded it into my car (erhem yes, it can fit into my car) along with my notebook and other stuff. I started my car without any problems.. drove about 40m to the next office to get the DO (Delivery Order) for official reasons.

I got the stuff, and then got into my car, preparing to leave for Cyberjaya. I inserted the key into the ignition and turned the key.. .and *click*.. again.. *click*... it sounded like something from the movie "Casino".. was the car gonna blow up? hmm .. Anyways, it was a clear sign that my car's battery was dead as a doornail. Then alarm went off that sounded like it was a dying cockrel crowing. *heh heh*

So, what could I do, all sweaty and hot, I took my notebook out of the car and walked up to my office and told my colleagues that I could not go to Cyberjaya. I was undoubtedly irritated, that I actually snapped at a colleague who is kinda "helpless" in a lot of things but also very last minute in asking questions. She asked me for something and I just told her that I can only give the thing tomorrow. I had to sort out the issues with my car first, because it was parked in a position where it was blocking some cars that were parked in front of my office.

So I got a mechanic (Choon), to come and have a look see at my car. So he proceeded to change my car battery (about 1-2 hours later after I couldn't start my car). And NOT to my surprise there wasn't any battery water in the battery. I had been meaning to fill the battery with battery water, but I used my battery water a couple of months ago to help my housemate with her car. After that I forgot that I had to fill my own battery.

I could whinge and whine about "Why is this happening to me?" "If I had only NOT helped my housemate" etc etc.. , but Presence Living demands to look beyond this. I learnt a few things..

1. It was 3pm, if I went to Cyberjaya, I'd only get 1hours works done at the most
2. What if my car couldn't start when it was in Cyberjaya? I'd be in a more perilous situation
3. What if my car died-ed half way.. even worse!!
4. What's done is done.. and nothing I say now can change the past, Deal with it.
5. In that moment I snapped at my colleague, I missed out an opportunity to be a blessing. (I did offer to help when things settled down a bit.. but she had already obtained help from someone else)

So... what did I do? I got a dry cell battery.. ha ha ha.. no need to remember to fill water into the battery anymore.. Hopefully for another 1-2 years. It cost me RM145 as opposed to a "wet cell" battery for about RM120.

While waiting for the car to be repaired, I had the opportunity to catch up with one of the JC (Juara Cerdik is the kindergarten under my office) teachers, one of the keyboardist in church. She was just waiting outside the kindergarten, to escort the kids to their parents car as each car turned up. It was good to catch up and then tell her about one of my friend's who had just started work in the kindergarten... she was pleasantly surprised. I pray that my friend and her will hit it off as good friends.

Funnily, as I started to blog, I wanted to put a reminder in my schedule to refill battery water into my battery monthly, BUT ... that's how forgetful I am.. Why do I need to put battery water into a dry cell battery.. ha ha ha.. I guess I could put a reminder as to the time when the battery is reaching 1 year old. Better do that NOW, lest I forget!!!

I must say thanks to my colleagues and my cell member(via sms) who encouraged me even as I looked & sounded a bit irritated with this incident.

Live in His Presence even when you don't think He's there..

Thank You Lord for being there.. .and reminding me not to lose my temper or my cool.



  • At July 04, 2005 6:13 PM, Anonymous coolcat said…

    Thanks for the reminder to walk by faith and not by sight. Good to see ya blogging again ;)

  • At July 04, 2005 6:54 PM, Blogger PaulOS said…

    I blog when I can lar.... and I hope to write more about Church Camp, CYZ Camp. etc etc... so much to write.. so little time..

    but there's always time to Be Still In His Presence

  • At July 05, 2005 1:34 PM, Blogger Yahkid said…

    Haha.. dude. You didn't tell me about that incident when we were at camp. Hehe...

    But thank God that everything is okay. Hey, darth paulos, May His presence be with You. hor...horr (breathing like darth vader).

  • At July 05, 2005 5:56 PM, Anonymous Jotay said…

    Thanks for the reminder to be always conscious of His presence. I need it so much now especially when it is now July.

  • At July 05, 2005 9:11 PM, Anonymous coolcat said…

    Wat's happening in July, Jo?

  • At July 06, 2005 1:01 AM, Blogger PaulOS said…

    Hor Hor.. sounds like Ah Lian saying.. "Like dat hor?".. or like a donkey.. "hee hor hee hor" .. he he he he...

    Am sure praying helped a lot .. he he he he..

    July Jo .. I dunno.. half year, closing accounts.. lotsa things due for the year blah blah blah ;)

  • At July 09, 2005 3:46 PM, Anonymous Jotay said…

    Aiyo... mentioned to you before mah, Paulos.


    31 JULY - PRIDE CHARITY DINNER (in support of Breast Cancer Awareness)

    My project ends!!! :D


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