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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Let's go BlogAbout!

Forgive the title..
An Aussie term "Walkabout" was swirling in my head when i was back home recently.. I believe it means to go for a trip.

*but i found out that it at this web site that it most probably means*

"In Australian aboriginal cultures, a "walkabout" is a ritual in which a young man goes on a solitary journey through the wilderness in an attempt to learn more about his own character and strength. "

Another website has a slightly different meaning. This website ( looks cool! New terminology to use for my blog.

So I wonder what what was this Walkabout.. about? Maybe I should share that in a different Blog.

Anyways, as I was figuring how to talkabout my roadtrip up north, the word BlogAbout came to mind. And I just had to write it down first.

Came back day before yesterday and still have not Blogged about it... am settling into work mode right now. And I should get to work. But I thought I'd just write in a quick entry for all of ya. The trip was a blast and yeah I wanna go back to Perlis with my friends again!

Well do take care and God Bless Y'all

PauLOS penning off!


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