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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Poetry @ A Spur

I don't claim to be a poet..

"Suddenly the movie Bobby and a song that plays comes to mind"
("Main Shaayar To Nahin" taken from "Bobby" a Hindi Film)..
"Main Shaayar To Nahim" in Hindi means ... "I am not a poet"

I am corny though, Corny people tend to like puns and play with words and make fun and jokes out of them.

But as i was writing a comment down at James' Blogsite.. I felt sort of "poetic" and wrote this there in response to the recent Tsunami @ Evil Wave or "Ombak Jahat"

Death seems to always perk us up eh? It is the reality of our mortality.

On a flight I was from KL to Alor Star
Delayed by Air Asia, @ 9am the plane took off.
Nary a tremor did I feel in the air.
The Silver bird landed in Alor Star at 10am

Minutes before landing in Alor Star
I caught a beautiful glimpse of the sea,
At that moment wished I had a digital camera
To capture a beautiful shot if the blue and wavy sea.

12pm the "Evil Wave" struck.

Unknown to me that a Tsunami was on it's way
Of lives in it's clasp to whisk and slay.
Lives were lost and souls were returned
Those who love the Lord are not spurned.

It really isn't good coz I know nuts about poetry, but I felt compelled to write it at that time. Maybe there isn't an ending to this piece of "poetry" about what I felt at that time....

PaulOS Penning Off


  • At December 31, 2004 9:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank God that you and your family were safe and sound! Good that you expressed it thru poetry - corny or otherwise ;)



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