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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away

This blog is about how it rains when you've just washed your car.. will continue more later.... *grin*

Lina, Rina and I made plans to go watch a movie.. War Of The Worlds on the 9th of July. And so we did, off we went to the new GSC 2-Utama Cinema. I arrived late, because I had to go grab some items to prepare for my colleague's wedding later that day.

I drove my car to the old wing of 1 Utama, and confidently produced my CARS card that I obtained in December after it was nicely soiled by somebody. This card entitles me to get a wash, polish, vacuum etc all for just RM35. And I get to do this as many times as possible within this year.

Anyways, I leave my car there to be polished, had a nice movie and lunch with my 2 friends, then I go and pick my car up. It's all nice and shiny. I drove it here and there feeling very pleased with the car.

Drove the nice shiny car to a wedding and back. Oh.. so nice.. so shiny.. so clean..
and guess what.. that night.. IT RAINS!!!.. It had not rained for a week before that.. and it rains!.. What gives lar...

And on top of that.. it rains almost everyday for that following week...

Update :
After a whole week of rain.. I drove my now slightly grimey car out to Subang Jaya - Kota Kemuning for some work and then for lunch with a cell member.

After having a nice wonderful lunch with my cell member, I made arrangements to go to Bandar Tasik Selatan for another appointment, I was not sure how to get there from Kota Kemuning, so I loaded a "Tiger" into my tank (i.e. Esso-lah).. then .. zoom-ed here and there looking for ways and means to get to Bandar Tasik Selatan via Kesas. In my mind it should be easy, but I think I took a few wrong turns.. etc etc.. then I was at Salak South toll just past the Nirwana Memorial centre. I was waiting at the toll booth for the cars in front of me to take their turns. Then suddenly this van (Pasar Malam van) starts to reverse (for who knows what reason).. and i slammed by horn.. alas it was too late.. and BLAM!!! smack right into my bonnet. I wasn't angry, but more like "Hallo.. why you reverse!?!?"

So got out, talked to the uncle who was quite apologetic, his wife also came out. We talked and negotiated, we decided to get an opinion from a nearby mechanic as to how much it'd cost to repair the damage. The mechanic estimated it to be in RM300-400 range. The uncle discussed with his wife and agreed to give me only RM250. Incidentally it was the uncle's birthday that day when we exchanged IC numbers and contacts in case we were to report it to the police. I wished him "Happy Birthday" but I apologised that this happened under these circumstances.

I agreed to it (after consulting Johnny of C.O. Motor).. (he gives me a good price for prime quality work).. took the money and zoomed off to my next appointment. I'd send my car in for a paintjob the very next morning.

I thought, "Rats! my car is gonna be in the workshop for a few days and getting to office would be a hassle".. But thank God for my housemate who sent me to work the next day and picked me up from work after that.

Amazingly, the paintjob was done in less than 24 hours, spick and span, and got my door panel guard (which dropped about 3-4 months ago) fixed.. for an attractive price of RM100 only!!

Now, question is.. what do I do with the RM150 excess? *sigh*.... My car is in need of service and new set of tyres, plus an extra burden this month because we couldn't find a housemate.

How do you decide on stuff like this? ;p... *btw.. i dunno where I put the Uncle's contact*

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