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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Leading Someone To Christ

I have a confession to make.. even though I've been a Christian.. almost let's say.. add this.. multiply that.. subtract this .. divide by this.. Phi over Theta, multiply by Planck's constant, applying Green's theorem, etc.. yeah .. solid-ly 7 years...

I've never personally led a person to Christ. :o

Well, until last Sunday. After celebration, as usual Pastor will invite those who want to make a decision to ask Jesus to be their personal Lord and Saviour as well as those who wanted to be prayed for. So as I was just concluding my prayer at the end of the celebration, there was this group of college students, who came up to be prayed for. A couple of guys and gals walked up. As usual the ladies would proceed to go to the gal's side and the guys decided to follow them, but a pastor ushered them to the guy's side.

I was asked to pray for one of the guys.. So as I spoke to him in front, could tell, he was not sure what was going on.

PaulOS : Hi! My name is Paul, What's yours?

Student : WL.

PauLOS : Is there anything that I can pray for you?

S : Huh? *bewildered look*

P: Do you have any needs that you want to ask Jesus for?

S: Huh? What do you mean?

P: Err.. Are you up here because you want to accept Jesus as you Lord and God?

S: Err... I am not sure?

*So I ask him to come and sit with me at the chairs in the first row while I look for some material share with him. The Believer's pack.. i.e. Standard material for people who wanna believe in Jesus*

So I look for the material in the basket while Student waits.. and Alamak.. only Chinese material.. i look for the English one and can't find it. Thank God, Kat Mah, comes by and says "I'll get some for you" . Bless you my dear sister. In the meantime, I'm talking to S, and asking him a few more questions. Small talk about where he's from, who his friends are, what he's been doing, blah blah. and I find out that he wants to believe in Jesus, and that he's been reading the Bible

Then comes Kat Mah, and she passes me the Believer's Pack. Hallelujah and we're on our way. So I explain the things contained in the pack etc etc, lead him in the prayer (all the time praying asking Holy Spirit to touch him), and wham-o. He's a believer. And then I explain to him, what are the initial steps of being a Christian etc, prayer, daily reading of word, temptation blah blah.

In all that time, I my mind were running with these thoughts, as to whether what I was saying would actually make sense or if he was actually listening to me. I kept telling myself, let the Holy Spirit do the work. Inspite of all that, I was not nervous as I thought I'd be. My main concern was that he'd receive a touch from the Holy Spirit and make this experience as real as can be.

Something I just realised, that I didn't feel like the "zzzzaaap" power flowing through me or my fingers at any time at all. My question, what am I suppose to expect when I lead someone to Christ? Hey, it's after all my first time.

For the moment, my conclusion is this... it doesn't mean that when you lead someone to Christ, that person has to cry cry, and you don't have to have that "zzzap" feeling, but what matters most is that decision in your heart is made. Then "All The Heavens Shout Your Praise"...

I hope that I will be able to lead more people to Christ coz it's a privilege that God allows me to participate in His work.. none of it is my own doing. He presents it, and invites me. Thank you Lord.



  • At August 07, 2005 11:06 AM, Blogger gRaCeY said…

    Fwah..sounds like you're quite equipped and ready even though it was your first time! Yay Paul!

  • At August 16, 2005 7:17 PM, Blogger ~Mark said…

    That's great! Don't feel bad about not being the person who gets to be there when God brings them into the family. Just a few hours ago I was listening to one of the radio ministries and he was reminding people of this same thing.

    We plant and water the seed, He brings the harvest.

    Good to see you were prepared with water!


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