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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Show Is Coming, On & Over (Part 1)

What show? huh? What Show?

In May this year, I auditioned for a play that was in my church. It was entitled A Little Less Conversation. It was written by a couple of people I know, mainly by SurfGod a.k.a Chris Leow and James Tan a.k.a Mr Loopy Meals.

I went for the audition, with many mixed feelings, as to really go for it or not. I deliberated many times, thinking, should I be doing this, I sought God's counsel, and He just "smiled". Usually when God smiles at me, it's a "quirky" and "teasing" kinda smile.

I didn't know which role I was actually auditioning for, I only knew that there was the main role, Elvis. I thought to myself, "Maybe I can carry this role, then again maybe not.. Aiyooo so confusing".. So after much contemplation about the time needed to do commit to practice for this role, I agreed to try for the role.

When the "judges", (SurfGod and Mr Loopy Meals and Mr Fabian Fabulouso) asked me to do my stuff, I did.. and I know I faltered. I'm not suave and cool like "Elvis". But I did make one of the ladies blush when we were supposed to do a "bar pick-up scene".
Then they asked me to dance, I tried a few dance steps etc and I failed .. again.. heh heh ..

So I accepted the fact in my heart that I won't get a part in this play. BUT.. Lo and Behold, I was called up for a 2nd audition, to be pitted against another dude.. Chris Chin. He's a handsome dude.. well. I think so... and he's well built.. erhem.. very suitable for Elvis.

But the first thing to come out from his mouth when he saw me "Aiyo.. I lose already lar, you see his side burns".. i was already growing my sideburns then..;)

Anyways, we did our stuff again, and the judges asked us to go downstairs to wait for their results (It felt like one of those reality TV show judging).. ha ha ha.. Chris C and I got to talking, found out we had some things in common blah blah.. Chris Chin was quite sure that I would get the part. I had mixed feelings, part of me wanted the part, part of me was not sure if I could carry the part. Then SurfGod came down to give his decision, it was Chris Chin, and he was so happy that he jumped for joy and hugged me .. just like those reality TV shows. ha ha ha..

So I walked away, partially sad and relieved at the same time. But, I believe that whatever the outcome, I knew God's got a plan, in our outside the production.. All things work together for good, it's His plan right? :)

*Endeth Part 1*



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