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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Jeep Camp => Never Die...

I was bored .. Wednesday Night, missing my cell group, as they were back in Malaysia celebrating Cheah Wei's birthday.

I took a bath at 830pm, Thai Time.. and went to the Jeep Camp behind the office. I had been listening to their "muffled" music from the office the past 2 nights, and found it to be pretty decent. So I went there on Wednesday night.

I dressed up in my Khaki's (bought in Cambodia for USD5), and a black Collared T-Shirt, walked in and was immediately greeted by a lady.. how "unexpected" ha ha ha..

Anyways, she walked me to my seat, I sat down on this small stool at a table for 4. Immediately they spoke to me in Thai. So I do pass off for a Thai guy.. hahahaha ha. These 2 ladies came and waited on me. They spoke to me in Thai and I just spoke in plain English "Do you speak English?" and then I smiled, my sheepish and "charming" smile.. as if I had one.. ;)

They looked at each other and smiled, trying their best to make me understand, firstly this lady dressed in a Ballantines uniform.. actually an off shoulder red and black strapped dress, and gold high heels with high straps. *err umm.. too much details.... ha ha ha.. She was of course the "drinks" server

Anyways, she asked me in Thai.. and the words I got were "Whisky, Beer, Heineken".. I promptly asked for my favourite, "Jack Daniel's" and her colleague standing next to her said something that had "Mai Dai" meaning, "Don't Want/Have". So I went for 2nd favourite, Vodka. They asked me if I want "Vodka Shot"... I thought it to be peculiar, Vodka's aren't usually served in shot glasses.. but hey.. we were getting nowhere, so I agreed. I also ordered a Lime Juice later.

Then came the food orders, so I said "Kai" of course in cantonese/hokkien.. it can mean something else.. ha ha ha.. She understood and then she asked me in halted English, if "You want "Tomyam Kung"... I said.. "I don't understand".. then she ask "Where you from?", I said "Malaysia", then she promptly spoke to me in Bahasa Malaysia.. HALLELUJAH!

Cute Gal: Awak mau makan Tomyam Kung?
PaulOS: Apa itu Tomyam Kung?
CG: Err.. err.. Tomyam Kung, tak tau macam mana mau cakap.
PS : Tak apa? panggil saja. Bagi saya "French Fry"
CG: Ok (she understood)

PaulOS *pause* and glance at the band.

CG: Semua bagus?
PS: Ya bagus. Awak dari mana? Hatyai?
CG: Saya dari Golok, saya di sini pat taim.
PS: Huh? *bewildered* Apa?
CG: Saya belajar pat taim di universiti .
PS: Oh.. Part Time?
CG: Ya ya.. pat taim.

Then she promptly sat herself at my table. I didn't know what to say.. (I'm not good at picking up gals at a bar.. see good boy mah.. as if-lah.. self proclaimed).. So she made small talk, which I can't remember. She then left as the first drink was served.

The first drink turned out to be .. TEQUILA SHOT.. ha ha.. as I had suspected ..
It came with Lime and Salt. Nevermind, it's been some time since I had a tequila shot anyways.

Then the Tomyam Kung came, it was bits and pieces of chicken meat with cartilage deep fried in flour. It tasted nice especially with the Thai Chilli sauce. It came with a dressing of salad and slices of cabbage and one slice of tomato. The french fries were quite normal. So I promptly had dinner there all alone, in a loud and noisy pub, called the "Jeep Camp.. Never Die"

And the band (dunno what they're called), played on.. the set up was as follows

4 band members..
Lead Guitar & Lead/Backing Vocals- Using a Gibson Les Paul (maroon/brown), long curly hair, wearing a checkered shirt. He had good stage presence, he played lead guitar effortlessly, not having to look at his guitar. He was really good. And he's got a great smile

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals - Couldn't see what bass he was using, probably a FenderPrecision with pickup selector (peculiar), Red with a white pickguard. He was a really thin guy, with long straight hair.

Keyboardist & Backing/Lead Vocals - He was quite hidden.

Drummer - He was quite hidden, but he played well.. very well..

Most of the songs that they played were in Thai.. except for 2 of my favourite songs..
Cocaine ~ Eric Clapton -> Well performed..
& Hotel California ~ The Eagles. -> His lead work was almost to the T, and he even improvised.. very good work from the drums, guitar and bass.. fantastic..

They also played a blues Thai number.. and they played and sang very well. Of course their English pronunciations were a bit faulty, but who could blame them, they might not know what the song means anyway.

I was so tempted to send a note to them, asking if I could jam with them.. ha ha ha.. but chicken ole me.. ha ha ha.. didn't do it..

In the meantime, I sms-ed a few ppl, hoping to kill time.. I sms-ed on CG member, my band members, Coolcat, Vagus, an ex CG member (her bday), etc ..

So they closed their session, as the lead singer/guitarist left, he looked in my direction, I gave him the thumbs up. He just smiled. Later on I also gave the keyboardist the thumbs up as well.
Again, the guitarist walks past me with a drink, he walks up to me saying "Daem" meaning "Drink".. (yes i know a few Thai words.. thanks to dad), and he put his glass out to me.. then SILLY old me thought he was offering me a drink, so i promptly took the glass from his hand and put it on my table.

Then, he reached out his glass on my table, and picked it up and clinked my glass *aiyooor malu-lah*.... He only wanted to cheers with me. I then showed my glass to him, it was already void of any Lime Juice. He then said somethings in Thai with a smile... "Mai Luan" - something, that probably meant, "empty" or "No more"

He went to sit with his friends. I then sat around about 30 minutes more watching TV Sports, and then another band came on, and played.. and I didn't like their style, (Thai Pop), not so catchy, so I asked the waitress for the bill. I estimated, maybe 1000 bhat (RM100) or less...

The bill came.. 229 Bhat.. meaning RM22.90 for
1. French Fries
2. Tomyam Kung
3. Vodka Shot
4. Lime Juice

by KL standards.. it's dirt cheap... I paid and waited for my change. The change came without the bill, i asked her for the bill, and she indicated like "No bill", so I insisted for the bill.
she then went to get someone.. and CG came.. and just spoke to me in BM, saying that they don't give out bills. I found it peculiar.. but, hey it was no biggie.

I left the Jeep Camp at 1030pm, came back to my notebook, and did some customer support work immediately for a Bosnian customer who was online...

Well, it was all in all a pretty interesting adventure on my own. We'll see how it goes when I go to Bangkok city tomorrow, to go to the Hard Rock Cafe. :)

Cheerios all.. ( and to Pastor M, if you're reading this.. no .. I have not backslidden.. ) ha ha ha ha..


  • At August 18, 2005 10:41 AM, Blogger Grace said…

    I believe Tom Yam Kung actually means, "Tom Yum Soup" in Thailand. How come yours got no soup? Anyway, when i started reading this entry, I thought the girls were after you for some extra 'nightly' activity! hahaha...

  • At August 18, 2005 12:13 PM, Blogger vagus said…

    so THAT's why you sent me sms. Must be excited by the girls huh? Sorry, was seeing patients then.

  • At August 18, 2005 1:28 PM, Blogger PaulOS said…

    ok.. it wasn't tomyam kung.. (it's tomyam soup).. but in the end.. they gave me "End Kai" meaning chicken ankle/knuckle. That's why it had lotsa of cartilage.

    Not excited.. but bored ha ha

  • At August 19, 2005 12:16 AM, Blogger ~Mark said…

    LOL! Sounds so much like my last trip to a Blues Club! I was only there for the music but it might have been nice if somebody has chosen to sit with me!

  • At August 19, 2005 12:46 AM, Blogger PaulOS said…

    yeah.. mark.. there's nothing like sitting in a blues club, sippin' on some JD's and listening to the Blues.. .

    "Ooooh.. Milk cow bluesssss"
    "Kind hearted woman.. yeah..."

    ha ha ha.. just singing along with a good pal, really makes the experience so worthwhile..

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  • At August 21, 2005 5:10 PM, Anonymous james said…

    No photos!? :)

  • At August 22, 2005 9:31 AM, Blogger PaulOS said…

    What the? oi.. somebody "spam" my chatterbox..

    James, me poor boy.. no camera.... yet.. this trip. i oledi blow some money on Hard Rock Cafe stuff.. well.. not much lar.. but still some amount lar..

    Next trip, will get a camera.. of the gals.. err.. i mean the pub and the nifty 4WD jeep and Roadster outside the pub..


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