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Friday, August 12, 2005

The Show Is Coming, On & Over (Part 2)

Beginneth Part 2

So.. I went away, with mixed feelings lar, I must admit, the selfish part of me was saying “How can SurfGod NOT pick me?!??!” … but I quickly dismissed those feelings. It’s just an initial feeling of rejection and wanting find a reason, what didn’t I do enough blah blah blah, but “Hey, I’m sure Chris will do well. After all he’s more handsome and looks more flexible than me” so… so… I just went away, trying hard not to ask myself anymore questions blah blah, ..

A few days later, I get a call from SurfGod, saying, “James may be writing in a role for you, one of the 3 stooges”, I went like.. “That’s cool” .. heh heh.. a chance to get involved in this production.

Then we were called for the 1st rehearsal, I still did not know what role I was playing. As we were given the scripts, I read through it and thought, I’d be taking one of the Jimmy or Tan role, I still had not met any of the other cast except for Chris and Coolcat. So as we waited Chris told me I’d be taking the bartender role. I was like.. “Okay.. whatever-la!”

I took up the role and tried envisioning what I’d be doing. We all worked together at rehearsals, memorizing our lines blah blah. My role was quite simple actually, I had to act like a bouncer-bar owner who employed, “John a.k.a Elvis” and regularly served “Leotard Jimmy” and “Tan”, John’s best friends.

For 2 months we practiced almost every week. In between I had many things to do, like Church camp, CYZ Camp, Company Trip and it really didn’t help with my preparation. Some of us also had personal issues to handle like disgruntled persons who kept saying some discouraging things etc etc. And honestly it was not looking very good for the others because some of us could not memorize our lines properly until even the last week of rehearsals. SurfGod was not entirely pleased with our progress. We quivered at his wrath…. NOT!!

I was asked to be the “Emcee” for each night, by doing some introductions. Man, that was something I was not really ready to do. But with help from SurfGod and Fabian, they helped me with what they’d want me to say and by the last FDR, Full Dress Rehearsals, we had got a lot of things down to pad.

As the “Emcee” I had to perform an introduction for Elvis, set the ground rules for the audience blah blah blah. I needed to be an animated character, of which I am a natural when I’m with friends, but not in front of a crowd of 800. I also incidentally broke 2 brooms while killing “dirty cockroaches on my stage” during the 2nd FDR. That was kinda like my introduction to the show.

On the night before the show, I received and SMS from Coolcat, stating that I should be less effeminate. I went like “WHAT?!?!” it seems that “Elvis” said that I had a “broken wrist syndrome” from a “bootleg” video of our rehearsals. (Taken by the husband of Brenda ~one of the cast members).

So I resolved, to firm up my wrist and act more “macho”. Rats, I didn’t feel effeminate nor did I think I did the broken wrist thing on purpose. I must watch it.. maybe it’s really part of me. :O
Night 1: We were fed with lotsa food and pizza. Man, it was totally worth it. At showtime , I came out did my stuff, but I must admit I was a bit scared, I missed out a few things that I need to say. Things ran smoothly until the last scene where Elvis completely missed out a whole portion of the ending scene.

Day2 : We were fed AGAIN, with more food, I came out did my stuff, more confidently. In one scene, I almost made one of my cast member burst out into laughter. She got a warning later from her mom & dad. “Jo”, I’m sorry.. ;)

Night 3: Again.. food was served, yummy food, thanks to the many benefactors. We really turned things on the final night, it was by far the best performance of all 3 nights. “Jo”, didn’t look at me when I did my funny antics again, and ha ha.. she didn’t laugh this time. Good on ya “Jo”.

It has been one of the funniest productions that I’ve been in. So far at DUMC, we’ve had
Clog Shoe diaries
Christmas Tail
3 Mirrors
Peace Child
Phantom of the Chinese Opera
Shanghai Reborn
A Little Less Conversation..

I wonder what’s next. I’d still like to be involved in a musical, so let’s see what kind of role I’d probably get next time. I don’t think I’ve been typecasted into any type of role so far.

Well, I’ve only had 2 roles
3 Mirrors as Papa ~ The father of a lost child (it was such a weepy role)
A Little Less Conversation as Fender ~ The rough & tough bartender

What does the future hold, I leave it in His hands.

I must saw that many people were surprised to see me acting in this production, because I didn’t make a big hoo-hah about this role, as I tried to keep a low profile, I honestly didn’t want the people I invited to come because I was acting in it, but to actually come because of an invitation. However, word did get out and people did come and see me act. Mostly, it was my colleagues and they were thoroughly entertained. Now begins the hard work, to follow up with them. I pray for good opportunities to share with them the Good News of the Lord, after all, these plays were organized for the sole purpose of evangelism.

Till the next play.. I continue to remain and serve the Lord Almighty in any area available.



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