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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Firstly.. I'm in Thailand.. for work.. this is my first out of the country work after nearly 3 years. I used to travel to Australia and Japan. In fact earlier this year was supposed to go to Saudi, but plans got botched up... nevermind.. I didn't mind missing Saudi..

Am here in Thailand (Free Land) for work. In fact I'm still in the office.. not by choice... it's because I am sleeping in a room in the office. Some might say not cool, but it's alright. I get my food and groceries quite easily. There's a Tesco not 500metres away behind the office.

And right behind the office is a pub.. .I'd probably go there tomorrow night.. it's called Jeep Camp ~ with the slogan "Never Die".. I dunno what it means.. But the pub/bar does play decent sounding music, that's why I'm going tomorrow night.

I wanted to drop by today, but, was feeling a bit wary about the "ladies" seated at the entrance to the pub. I didn't want to be accosted by them, just yet, plus I was carrying my groceries.. yeah.. apples and a soft drink... what kinda lame guy goes to a pub carrying such stuff..

There's this cool 1960's American defunct hot rod next to the pub, see I wish i had a camera.. *sigh*.. maybe I'll get my colleagues to take a picture.. ha ha ha..

So far the trip has been fruitful, teaching my Thai colleagues about the product, with some difficulty because of language barrier. But the little Thai I know, seems to be coming back to me.. all learnt from my "dad" who only speaks a little bit of Thai..

Secondly, I got a gig on the 21st of August.'s another wedding gig.. for Mr Terence Chong and his fiancee.. Jessie Tee... it's gonna be near KLCC, a chinese restaurant opposite Hotel Nikko.. It's gonna be a simple affair, and this time our line up will be

Steve on Drums + Backing Vocals
Chris on Guiar + Lead Vocals
Paul on Bass + Backing Vocals
Sekhar on Keys + Lead Guitar (dunno if he'll sing)

Special appearance by Terence Chong on lead guitar..

Gonna play the S.O.S and add a few more songs like ..

"Can't take my eyes off you" ~ The Heineken Song
"Can't Help Falling In Love" ~ Yelllvis Presley.. oops Elvis .. Elvis
"Sunday Morning" ~ Maroon 5
"With or Without You" ~ U2

and a few others.. can't remember..

I was trying to get Eric to play with the band, but the groom was not too keen to have such a big band, maybe in the future Eric... I'd love to jam with ya.

We're having another Jam session this friday at Sir Hartamas Roland Music School from 7pm to 11pm.. Solid 4 hours.. and hopefully, we'll get everything done..

Well that's all for now.. more updates and pictures maybe later.. if i do get the pictures


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