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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Latest Gig...

These are the first 2 pictures from the latest gig that I had last Sunday Night @ Royal China restaurant opposite Citibank/Nikko Hotel.

This gig was quite unique in a way.. write more later..

The pictures were taken by my friend Watermelon.. this was her message on email..

Some shots from my Nokia 7610.
The music was great as always!
A BIG thank you!"

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Left To Right :
Sekhar ~ Keys
Chris ~ Guitar & Lead Vocals
Paul ~ Bass & Backup Vocals
Steve ~ Drums & Backup Vocals

Update :

An excerpt of emails between the father of the groom and his guests.

"-----Original Message-----
From: Father of the Groom (FOTG)
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 1:46 PM
To: Guest
Subject: RE: Wedding Dinner on 21 Aug 05

Dear Guest,

So glad to hear that your wife and your goodself have enjoyed the dinner and music on the night of 21 Aug 05.

As for the band, I believe arrangement can be made if one is interested to engage them for any occasions.

I can relay the request to the band leader if there is a need by you in the future.

Thanks again for the kind support, much appreciated.

Best Regards,


-----Original Message-----
From: Guest
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 1:21 PM
Subject: RE: Wedding Dinner on 21 Aug 05

Dear FOTG,

My wife and myself enjoyed the evening of good food and music to our liking/taste[60s & 70s music]. In fact,my wife told me to ask you if the band can accomodate for simple functions such as birthdays,anniversary,etc.


Guest "


OH AND BY THE WAY.... THIS IS THE GIG LIST!!! *It's no wonder why they call us S.O.S*

* The order of the songs did not turn out the way we planned it.. Chris kept changing the arrangement*
Set 1
1. Islands in the stream
2. Ready for love
3. Love will keep us together

Set 2
1. Every breath you take
2. Message in a bottle
3. Cant take my eyes off you
4. With or without you

Set 3
1. Are you gonna go my way
2. Stuck on you

Set 4
1. Love will keep us alive (eagles)
2. Crazy little thing called love
3. Save the last dance for me
4. Long train running
5. Have you ever seen the rain

Impromptu Songs (were slotted into sets with fewer songs)

1. I will survive - Cake ~ Sung by Rizal Ross (The Best Man)
2. You Say It Best - Ronan Keating ~ Sung by Adrian Ang (The groom's younger sister's bfren)
3. Before the Next Teardrop Fall - Freddy Fender ~Sung by Andrew Lopez (Good old church member of the FOTG) --- he messed up our timing.. :(



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