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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ze Planet Shakers Event

Last Friday, Planet Shakers Victoria was in town.. here are some camera shots of the event..

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A shot of the drummer, Ben ..

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Me and Julia doing sound check, with Matt Garner (worship leader) in the forefront

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*dew Crew with planet shakers*

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*planet shakers and the crowd*

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Pr Mark Varughese - Keyboardist.. and no doubt he's of Indian descent.. in this picture he looks like Shah Rukhan

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This is Jon & Julia with the PRS( Paul Reed Smith) Guitar - Billy Martin II series..

PRS is the same line of guitar that Santana uses.. and .. this guitar is going on the 2nd hand market for RM25000.. yeap.. 3 Zero's... *I got to store it away.. tempted to play with it.. but.. naaah.. do my work properly*

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Pr Chad... actually he's a sound engineer and music arranger/producer.. he's not really a bassist.. he just stood in.. he sang too.. .. which other bassist do I know does this type of thing.. He's playing Anson's Ibanez bass tho'.. .:)

*enuff for now*



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