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Monday, August 29, 2005

Alias .. Whom Are You Most Alike?

Alias junkies like me, Qui-Gon-Chin, Lord Kok-ku and Wife of Lord Kok-ku, will agree with me that this series is totally addictive.

When I was in Thailand recently, I borrowed the DVDs from Qui-Gon-Gin, and watched them diligently on my notebook. Each season has about 22-24 episodes. I actually finished watching all 24 episodes in 5 days. I watched Episodes 1 through 15 in Thailand and the rest when I came back. In fact.. I watched 2 Episodes in the airport while waiting for the plane. ha ha ha

In Alias there are a few characters..

Jennifer Garner - Sydney Bristow - Hot Babe, Chick, who can kick butt
and you can find out about the rest of the cast .. at

Obviously the guys in this show are just interested in Jennifer Garner.. he he he

Anyways... for Alias Junkies out there..

If there is ONE character in this Alias seasons (1 through 5)...
1. Whom would you most likely be?
2. Who would you most like to become?

My answers will come much later..



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