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Friday, March 17, 2006

Speed Blog

Hey there, whoever, wherever, whatever..

Have not updated my blog in 2 months.. because.. super busy lah.. as you may have suspected

let's see from 27th.. .which was around Chinese New Year Period until now.. 17th March.. what's happened

Chinese New Year Holidays..
1. Drove down to Singapore with my girlfriend and her family, met her gramma and uncles and aunts.. it was a quick trip there and back.
2. Drove up to my hometown, met my parents and just chilled there.. did some minor shopping, etc etc. Highlights was that we drove up and down without a hint of traffic congestion on the highway. Amazing thing to happen during a major fesitve season

Right After The Holidays
I was scheduled to go to Sri Lanka to provide training to our dealer over there. Spent approximately 2 weeks there.. Was bored to death..
Nothing much to report about Sri Lanka, just that the portions of rice is HUGE...

Straight Back From Sri Lanka
Immediately went for a day trip with the dew crew to Bukit Tinggi for Skirmish.. or PaintBall.. we had excellent fun
Then back to work.. and it's been really hectic
From preparing for a 2 day seminar -> Doing Sales -> Finding out many of my colleagues leaving the office..
Meeting up with Dr Vagus.. was an excellent treat for me and a few frens.. coolcat, rina and joanne..

Changes changes.. Lord Help me to Transition Well..

Signing off for now