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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Carpal Tunnel Update

One week after the surgery.. still healing .. the doc dressing the wound says my stitches are healing well..

However some numbness & tingling still persists.. according to the doc.. takes time for the nerve to also recover.
Forearm feels not tight because of lack of exercise.

Well i hope to get into rehab soon..

Hope Dorset Rehab can help.. run by 2 of my wonderful friends (shameless plugging)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Done!

Am done with the surgery

thank u all for praying.. now i'm typing with mym left hand only


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mistaken Identity?

You know there have been times I have been mistaken as other people.. In the past I have been mistaken for 2 wonderful guys..

Elliot Koon


Got similarities meh?

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Of Weddings & Obligations

A random thought of the day.. just thinking about blog entries..

At the rate weddings are going, I realise we spend a lot on our weddings to make it a celebration to remember. And like on Mix FM a month or so ago, we heard that ppl do spend a bomb on weddings, get into debt to pay for the wedding and even sell drugs to pay for the wedding.

What have we gotten into, with Bridal Boutiques, Packages and Hotels with their exorbitant packages. You can't really get a hotel package for less than RM80/table nowadays. Don't get me started on the food. It's mass produced, and the taste may not be so great. Plus.. in my opinion.. I really wonder what's with all this food presentation? I don't get it.. swords, new age music, carrying a gal on the sedan-chair, with the food.

Whatever happened to a meaningful wedding of good celebration, making time for one another and good music, instead its been replaced with worry about collecting ang-pows to make enough for the payment, clothes changing, booze, yam-seng-ing (cheers) at each table trying to make the groom/bride drunk, and the list goes on.

I must say what I like about weddings is the celebration of the couple, and not bankrupting the couple. Yes everyone has to make money, but at what cost?

Given that I do participate in weddings quite a lot from Worship leading, to sound mixing, to playing with the band at the wedding dinner, Emceeing, etc... I just wish that it were not that expensive these days.

Having said that as Bride & Groom attitude, I think it's good to set your own expectations prior to weddings.. (From my own wedding I've come up with my opinion actually)
1. Set the budget "This is how much we'll spend and can give allowance for 10% more)
2. Don't expect to receive ang-pows, it'll add stress to you.
3. Be willing to sacrifice certains wants to meet your budget
4. Don't let ppl dictate or entice you for extras
5. Invest in people many years before weddings, it comes around with great friends who help wonderfully.
6. There is no "standard" rate for giving ang-pows to helpers, decide in your heart how much you can afford.
7. Let the main thing be the main thing.. God's Presence, your wedding ceremony that will speak of His greatness, goodness and blessings, appreciation of important ppl and what you exude on that day is important (Joy, Gratitude, Happiness, Love) ..

no one wants to see a sourpuss bride and/or groom on that day. (as ppl have said I am a sourpuss at times)

It rained at our wedding dinner.. but we thank God that He spoke through a pastor friend who said "It doesn't matter what happens, as long as you both know you got married.. that's all that matters"

Having said that I want to continue to apologise to all who came for our wedding dinner and didn't get to eat much because the caterers couldn't cope with the rain and have any other plans. But it was the best we could do under the cirmcustances.

Well I guess that's all I have to say for now.. Take care & God Bless