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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Core Values of DUMC

Just wanted to remind my fellow bro's and sisters at DUMC about our core values, as I was reading "The Dream Church" .. I confess, I've forgotten what they were. I pray we will remind ourselves about our core values in whatever ministry, career, work and play that we do, for we bear the aroma of Christ wherever we go. And we as the church need to be aware of the core values we stand for.

7 Core values distilled into DUMC

1. Celebrative Worship in Joy & Gratitude
2. Connected Community of Grace & Godliness
3. Compelling Faith throught the Word & Prayer
4. Cohesive Family through Truth & Faithfulness
5. Contagious Evangelism Through Love & Kindness
6. Compassionate Service of Hope & Healing
7. Courageous World Missing through the Spirit's Empowerment

We should let these core values be the foundation of what we stand for, let it be an expression of ourselves as a church, cell group, ministry group, workers, people, individuals..

To quote Pr Daniel in his book

"People need and want something to commit to, something that they feel is worthy of their best effort. People want to belong to something that can make a difference - that really counts"... Don't we all?

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Shark Catch :)


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pleasure or Pressure to Perform

I regularly think about ministry and missions on what it really means to us as followers of Christ. and the title just came to me.. "Pleasure to Perform" as well as "Pressure to Perform"

I have not fully formulated my thoughts on this but thought I should pen/type down the title as I think it can be a great point to ponder and discuss..

Anyone care to respond on what they think this title means to you.. :) please comment..

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

MCCC : Why I'm Not Going? Justified.. but feeling guilty still :p

13th MCCC is starting tomorrow.. and somehow this year.. I'm not really feeling the "vibe" or excitement for it.. at the same time I feel guilty for not going, and excited at what I'm gonna be doing instead of it.

Mixed feelings I guess.

Why am I not going?

Well, I promised Emily that I'd go with her for a Khildren's Kamp in Kampar.. (oh no.. KKK) not good not good.. ;) *corny joke*

Emily's teaching I'm her bodyguard, projector guy, computer guy, guitarist, bouncer (is it the same as bodyguard?), porter, musician, backup singer, PA guy and everything else I need to be :)

I'm glad I'm going because it continues to teach me how to address children and work with them.

I guess why .. i'm having mixed feelings is because I've attended most if not all the MCCCs eversince I've joined DUMC. I'm going to miss being part of this yearly event where we host delegates in our church and share with them the successes we've had with Cell Church Structure and the things to avoid when implementing a cell church structure.

I guess it's a tradition for me.. but traditions have a numbing effect on our lives.. so this year probably it's good for me to be away. I can get the DVDs I think of all the plenary sessions and hope to glean from them.

Not that we've made it, but as Pr Daniel shared, we have a call from God to share this. And we continue to share it, and continue to be a blessing to others.
I wouldn't say MCCC or Cell Church is our niche (in fact there are many churches who are doing it successfully), but I do believe that MCCC gives us a platform to share and network with different people from different churches. It reminds us even when we feel stale.

I want to encourage those from DUMC who feel stagnat or stale to continue to serve and wait with an expectant heart when you attend this year's MCCC (even for the years to come)...

But, you know I won't be there this year, but I remain an ardent supporter of Manchester United.. err.. sorry.. Cell Church.. for it has worked for me.. without the Cell I would not have returned to the Lord properly. :P

So now... that I've said my piece/peace.. I don't feel guilty anymore :) YAY!
I look forward to this Friday's cell, as we host some of the MCCC delegates during cell visitation. It's gonna be a great time of worship and sharing.

Cell runs as per normal, but with VISITORS.. and I hope the cell members won't be "acting" hahaha

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

All the differences such Controversies

As I remember what my sister in law said recently after she was listening to Marina Mahathir at Ops Gegar (2 months ago)

Moslems and Christians are not that much different

a. We're driven by same history
b. We're passionate about winning souls to our faith
c. We're drive by the "Word of God"
d. We believe that no one else is saved unless they profess the faith

I am not saying Who's right or Who's wrong.. I am just trying to bring an understanding to the fact that there is a lot of restrictions in sharing one's faith openly.

In general the people of the Book, believe that our salvation is not through our works but through a saving God.. Now, who is the true God is what the whole world is contending about. These 2 biggest and still growing faiths fight each other, blood is spilt, and it taints the land.

I just pray that we should learn to respect one another, let God be the judge, after all we all do believe in a just and righteous God who has His own prerogative. Let Him be the judge and not take offense in people who insult our faith. God is more than able to act out retribution and punishment justly.

I really want to see the people of God come together and just live to build each other up. Yes we live in an imperfect world, but let's make the best out of life.. live it to the fullest for His Glory.

For we are neither right nor wrong.. and we can never know honestly if we are right or wrong. .only God is.. and He will mete out His judgement in righteousness & peace with grace & mercy.

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