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There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. ~ 1 John 4:18

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ze Planet Shakers Event

Last Friday, Planet Shakers Victoria was in town.. here are some camera shots of the event..

Image hosted by

A shot of the drummer, Ben ..

Image hosted by

Me and Julia doing sound check, with Matt Garner (worship leader) in the forefront

Image hosted by

*dew Crew with planet shakers*

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*planet shakers and the crowd*

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Pr Mark Varughese - Keyboardist.. and no doubt he's of Indian descent.. in this picture he looks like Shah Rukhan

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This is Jon & Julia with the PRS( Paul Reed Smith) Guitar - Billy Martin II series..

PRS is the same line of guitar that Santana uses.. and .. this guitar is going on the 2nd hand market for RM25000.. yeap.. 3 Zero's... *I got to store it away.. tempted to play with it.. but.. naaah.. do my work properly*

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Pr Chad... actually he's a sound engineer and music arranger/producer.. he's not really a bassist.. he just stood in.. he sang too.. .. which other bassist do I know does this type of thing.. He's playing Anson's Ibanez bass tho'.. .:)

*enuff for now*


My Career?

Currently waiting for some customers to come for training, and letting the Banana Leaf Rice settle in my stomach, wishing i could take a nap right now.. so I decided to do a character-career-fit profile..

and here it goes

Your Career Type: Social

You are helpful, friendly, and trustworthy.
Your talents lie in teaching, nursing, giving information, and solving social problems.

You would make an excellent:

Counselor - Dental Hygienist - Librarian
Nurse - Parole Officer - Personal Trainer
Physical Therapist - Social Worker - Teacher

The worst career options for your are realistic careers, like truck driver or farmer.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Alias .. Whom Are You Most Alike?

Alias junkies like me, Qui-Gon-Chin, Lord Kok-ku and Wife of Lord Kok-ku, will agree with me that this series is totally addictive.

When I was in Thailand recently, I borrowed the DVDs from Qui-Gon-Gin, and watched them diligently on my notebook. Each season has about 22-24 episodes. I actually finished watching all 24 episodes in 5 days. I watched Episodes 1 through 15 in Thailand and the rest when I came back. In fact.. I watched 2 Episodes in the airport while waiting for the plane. ha ha ha

In Alias there are a few characters..

Jennifer Garner - Sydney Bristow - Hot Babe, Chick, who can kick butt
and you can find out about the rest of the cast .. at

Obviously the guys in this show are just interested in Jennifer Garner.. he he he

Anyways... for Alias Junkies out there..

If there is ONE character in this Alias seasons (1 through 5)...
1. Whom would you most likely be?
2. Who would you most like to become?

My answers will come much later..


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Latest Gig...

These are the first 2 pictures from the latest gig that I had last Sunday Night @ Royal China restaurant opposite Citibank/Nikko Hotel.

This gig was quite unique in a way.. write more later..

The pictures were taken by my friend Watermelon.. this was her message on email..

Some shots from my Nokia 7610.
The music was great as always!
A BIG thank you!"

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Left To Right :
Sekhar ~ Keys
Chris ~ Guitar & Lead Vocals
Paul ~ Bass & Backup Vocals
Steve ~ Drums & Backup Vocals

Update :

An excerpt of emails between the father of the groom and his guests.

"-----Original Message-----
From: Father of the Groom (FOTG)
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 1:46 PM
To: Guest
Subject: RE: Wedding Dinner on 21 Aug 05

Dear Guest,

So glad to hear that your wife and your goodself have enjoyed the dinner and music on the night of 21 Aug 05.

As for the band, I believe arrangement can be made if one is interested to engage them for any occasions.

I can relay the request to the band leader if there is a need by you in the future.

Thanks again for the kind support, much appreciated.

Best Regards,


-----Original Message-----
From: Guest
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 1:21 PM
Subject: RE: Wedding Dinner on 21 Aug 05

Dear FOTG,

My wife and myself enjoyed the evening of good food and music to our liking/taste[60s & 70s music]. In fact,my wife told me to ask you if the band can accomodate for simple functions such as birthdays,anniversary,etc.


Guest "


OH AND BY THE WAY.... THIS IS THE GIG LIST!!! *It's no wonder why they call us S.O.S*

* The order of the songs did not turn out the way we planned it.. Chris kept changing the arrangement*
Set 1
1. Islands in the stream
2. Ready for love
3. Love will keep us together

Set 2
1. Every breath you take
2. Message in a bottle
3. Cant take my eyes off you
4. With or without you

Set 3
1. Are you gonna go my way
2. Stuck on you

Set 4
1. Love will keep us alive (eagles)
2. Crazy little thing called love
3. Save the last dance for me
4. Long train running
5. Have you ever seen the rain

Impromptu Songs (were slotted into sets with fewer songs)

1. I will survive - Cake ~ Sung by Rizal Ross (The Best Man)
2. You Say It Best - Ronan Keating ~ Sung by Adrian Ang (The groom's younger sister's bfren)
3. Before the Next Teardrop Fall - Freddy Fender ~Sung by Andrew Lopez (Good old church member of the FOTG) --- he messed up our timing.. :(


Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Jeep Camp => Never Die...

I was bored .. Wednesday Night, missing my cell group, as they were back in Malaysia celebrating Cheah Wei's birthday.

I took a bath at 830pm, Thai Time.. and went to the Jeep Camp behind the office. I had been listening to their "muffled" music from the office the past 2 nights, and found it to be pretty decent. So I went there on Wednesday night.

I dressed up in my Khaki's (bought in Cambodia for USD5), and a black Collared T-Shirt, walked in and was immediately greeted by a lady.. how "unexpected" ha ha ha..

Anyways, she walked me to my seat, I sat down on this small stool at a table for 4. Immediately they spoke to me in Thai. So I do pass off for a Thai guy.. hahahaha ha. These 2 ladies came and waited on me. They spoke to me in Thai and I just spoke in plain English "Do you speak English?" and then I smiled, my sheepish and "charming" smile.. as if I had one.. ;)

They looked at each other and smiled, trying their best to make me understand, firstly this lady dressed in a Ballantines uniform.. actually an off shoulder red and black strapped dress, and gold high heels with high straps. *err umm.. too much details.... ha ha ha.. She was of course the "drinks" server

Anyways, she asked me in Thai.. and the words I got were "Whisky, Beer, Heineken".. I promptly asked for my favourite, "Jack Daniel's" and her colleague standing next to her said something that had "Mai Dai" meaning, "Don't Want/Have". So I went for 2nd favourite, Vodka. They asked me if I want "Vodka Shot"... I thought it to be peculiar, Vodka's aren't usually served in shot glasses.. but hey.. we were getting nowhere, so I agreed. I also ordered a Lime Juice later.

Then came the food orders, so I said "Kai" of course in cantonese/hokkien.. it can mean something else.. ha ha ha.. She understood and then she asked me in halted English, if "You want "Tomyam Kung"... I said.. "I don't understand".. then she ask "Where you from?", I said "Malaysia", then she promptly spoke to me in Bahasa Malaysia.. HALLELUJAH!

Cute Gal: Awak mau makan Tomyam Kung?
PaulOS: Apa itu Tomyam Kung?
CG: Err.. err.. Tomyam Kung, tak tau macam mana mau cakap.
PS : Tak apa? panggil saja. Bagi saya "French Fry"
CG: Ok (she understood)

PaulOS *pause* and glance at the band.

CG: Semua bagus?
PS: Ya bagus. Awak dari mana? Hatyai?
CG: Saya dari Golok, saya di sini pat taim.
PS: Huh? *bewildered* Apa?
CG: Saya belajar pat taim di universiti .
PS: Oh.. Part Time?
CG: Ya ya.. pat taim.

Then she promptly sat herself at my table. I didn't know what to say.. (I'm not good at picking up gals at a bar.. see good boy mah.. as if-lah.. self proclaimed).. So she made small talk, which I can't remember. She then left as the first drink was served.

The first drink turned out to be .. TEQUILA SHOT.. ha ha.. as I had suspected ..
It came with Lime and Salt. Nevermind, it's been some time since I had a tequila shot anyways.

Then the Tomyam Kung came, it was bits and pieces of chicken meat with cartilage deep fried in flour. It tasted nice especially with the Thai Chilli sauce. It came with a dressing of salad and slices of cabbage and one slice of tomato. The french fries were quite normal. So I promptly had dinner there all alone, in a loud and noisy pub, called the "Jeep Camp.. Never Die"

And the band (dunno what they're called), played on.. the set up was as follows

4 band members..
Lead Guitar & Lead/Backing Vocals- Using a Gibson Les Paul (maroon/brown), long curly hair, wearing a checkered shirt. He had good stage presence, he played lead guitar effortlessly, not having to look at his guitar. He was really good. And he's got a great smile

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals - Couldn't see what bass he was using, probably a FenderPrecision with pickup selector (peculiar), Red with a white pickguard. He was a really thin guy, with long straight hair.

Keyboardist & Backing/Lead Vocals - He was quite hidden.

Drummer - He was quite hidden, but he played well.. very well..

Most of the songs that they played were in Thai.. except for 2 of my favourite songs..
Cocaine ~ Eric Clapton -> Well performed..
& Hotel California ~ The Eagles. -> His lead work was almost to the T, and he even improvised.. very good work from the drums, guitar and bass.. fantastic..

They also played a blues Thai number.. and they played and sang very well. Of course their English pronunciations were a bit faulty, but who could blame them, they might not know what the song means anyway.

I was so tempted to send a note to them, asking if I could jam with them.. ha ha ha.. but chicken ole me.. ha ha ha.. didn't do it..

In the meantime, I sms-ed a few ppl, hoping to kill time.. I sms-ed on CG member, my band members, Coolcat, Vagus, an ex CG member (her bday), etc ..

So they closed their session, as the lead singer/guitarist left, he looked in my direction, I gave him the thumbs up. He just smiled. Later on I also gave the keyboardist the thumbs up as well.
Again, the guitarist walks past me with a drink, he walks up to me saying "Daem" meaning "Drink".. (yes i know a few Thai words.. thanks to dad), and he put his glass out to me.. then SILLY old me thought he was offering me a drink, so i promptly took the glass from his hand and put it on my table.

Then, he reached out his glass on my table, and picked it up and clinked my glass *aiyooor malu-lah*.... He only wanted to cheers with me. I then showed my glass to him, it was already void of any Lime Juice. He then said somethings in Thai with a smile... "Mai Luan" - something, that probably meant, "empty" or "No more"

He went to sit with his friends. I then sat around about 30 minutes more watching TV Sports, and then another band came on, and played.. and I didn't like their style, (Thai Pop), not so catchy, so I asked the waitress for the bill. I estimated, maybe 1000 bhat (RM100) or less...

The bill came.. 229 Bhat.. meaning RM22.90 for
1. French Fries
2. Tomyam Kung
3. Vodka Shot
4. Lime Juice

by KL standards.. it's dirt cheap... I paid and waited for my change. The change came without the bill, i asked her for the bill, and she indicated like "No bill", so I insisted for the bill.
she then went to get someone.. and CG came.. and just spoke to me in BM, saying that they don't give out bills. I found it peculiar.. but, hey it was no biggie.

I left the Jeep Camp at 1030pm, came back to my notebook, and did some customer support work immediately for a Bosnian customer who was online...

Well, it was all in all a pretty interesting adventure on my own. We'll see how it goes when I go to Bangkok city tomorrow, to go to the Hard Rock Cafe. :)

Cheerios all.. ( and to Pastor M, if you're reading this.. no .. I have not backslidden.. ) ha ha ha ha..

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Firstly.. I'm in Thailand.. for work.. this is my first out of the country work after nearly 3 years. I used to travel to Australia and Japan. In fact earlier this year was supposed to go to Saudi, but plans got botched up... nevermind.. I didn't mind missing Saudi..

Am here in Thailand (Free Land) for work. In fact I'm still in the office.. not by choice... it's because I am sleeping in a room in the office. Some might say not cool, but it's alright. I get my food and groceries quite easily. There's a Tesco not 500metres away behind the office.

And right behind the office is a pub.. .I'd probably go there tomorrow night.. it's called Jeep Camp ~ with the slogan "Never Die".. I dunno what it means.. But the pub/bar does play decent sounding music, that's why I'm going tomorrow night.

I wanted to drop by today, but, was feeling a bit wary about the "ladies" seated at the entrance to the pub. I didn't want to be accosted by them, just yet, plus I was carrying my groceries.. yeah.. apples and a soft drink... what kinda lame guy goes to a pub carrying such stuff..

There's this cool 1960's American defunct hot rod next to the pub, see I wish i had a camera.. *sigh*.. maybe I'll get my colleagues to take a picture.. ha ha ha..

So far the trip has been fruitful, teaching my Thai colleagues about the product, with some difficulty because of language barrier. But the little Thai I know, seems to be coming back to me.. all learnt from my "dad" who only speaks a little bit of Thai..

Secondly, I got a gig on the 21st of August.'s another wedding gig.. for Mr Terence Chong and his fiancee.. Jessie Tee... it's gonna be near KLCC, a chinese restaurant opposite Hotel Nikko.. It's gonna be a simple affair, and this time our line up will be

Steve on Drums + Backing Vocals
Chris on Guiar + Lead Vocals
Paul on Bass + Backing Vocals
Sekhar on Keys + Lead Guitar (dunno if he'll sing)

Special appearance by Terence Chong on lead guitar..

Gonna play the S.O.S and add a few more songs like ..

"Can't take my eyes off you" ~ The Heineken Song
"Can't Help Falling In Love" ~ Yelllvis Presley.. oops Elvis .. Elvis
"Sunday Morning" ~ Maroon 5
"With or Without You" ~ U2

and a few others.. can't remember..

I was trying to get Eric to play with the band, but the groom was not too keen to have such a big band, maybe in the future Eric... I'd love to jam with ya.

We're having another Jam session this friday at Sir Hartamas Roland Music School from 7pm to 11pm.. Solid 4 hours.. and hopefully, we'll get everything done..

Well that's all for now.. more updates and pictures maybe later.. if i do get the pictures

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Show Is Coming, On & Over (Part 2)

Beginneth Part 2

So.. I went away, with mixed feelings lar, I must admit, the selfish part of me was saying “How can SurfGod NOT pick me?!??!” … but I quickly dismissed those feelings. It’s just an initial feeling of rejection and wanting find a reason, what didn’t I do enough blah blah blah, but “Hey, I’m sure Chris will do well. After all he’s more handsome and looks more flexible than me” so… so… I just went away, trying hard not to ask myself anymore questions blah blah, ..

A few days later, I get a call from SurfGod, saying, “James may be writing in a role for you, one of the 3 stooges”, I went like.. “That’s cool” .. heh heh.. a chance to get involved in this production.

Then we were called for the 1st rehearsal, I still did not know what role I was playing. As we were given the scripts, I read through it and thought, I’d be taking one of the Jimmy or Tan role, I still had not met any of the other cast except for Chris and Coolcat. So as we waited Chris told me I’d be taking the bartender role. I was like.. “Okay.. whatever-la!”

I took up the role and tried envisioning what I’d be doing. We all worked together at rehearsals, memorizing our lines blah blah. My role was quite simple actually, I had to act like a bouncer-bar owner who employed, “John a.k.a Elvis” and regularly served “Leotard Jimmy” and “Tan”, John’s best friends.

For 2 months we practiced almost every week. In between I had many things to do, like Church camp, CYZ Camp, Company Trip and it really didn’t help with my preparation. Some of us also had personal issues to handle like disgruntled persons who kept saying some discouraging things etc etc. And honestly it was not looking very good for the others because some of us could not memorize our lines properly until even the last week of rehearsals. SurfGod was not entirely pleased with our progress. We quivered at his wrath…. NOT!!

I was asked to be the “Emcee” for each night, by doing some introductions. Man, that was something I was not really ready to do. But with help from SurfGod and Fabian, they helped me with what they’d want me to say and by the last FDR, Full Dress Rehearsals, we had got a lot of things down to pad.

As the “Emcee” I had to perform an introduction for Elvis, set the ground rules for the audience blah blah blah. I needed to be an animated character, of which I am a natural when I’m with friends, but not in front of a crowd of 800. I also incidentally broke 2 brooms while killing “dirty cockroaches on my stage” during the 2nd FDR. That was kinda like my introduction to the show.

On the night before the show, I received and SMS from Coolcat, stating that I should be less effeminate. I went like “WHAT?!?!” it seems that “Elvis” said that I had a “broken wrist syndrome” from a “bootleg” video of our rehearsals. (Taken by the husband of Brenda ~one of the cast members).

So I resolved, to firm up my wrist and act more “macho”. Rats, I didn’t feel effeminate nor did I think I did the broken wrist thing on purpose. I must watch it.. maybe it’s really part of me. :O
Night 1: We were fed with lotsa food and pizza. Man, it was totally worth it. At showtime , I came out did my stuff, but I must admit I was a bit scared, I missed out a few things that I need to say. Things ran smoothly until the last scene where Elvis completely missed out a whole portion of the ending scene.

Day2 : We were fed AGAIN, with more food, I came out did my stuff, more confidently. In one scene, I almost made one of my cast member burst out into laughter. She got a warning later from her mom & dad. “Jo”, I’m sorry.. ;)

Night 3: Again.. food was served, yummy food, thanks to the many benefactors. We really turned things on the final night, it was by far the best performance of all 3 nights. “Jo”, didn’t look at me when I did my funny antics again, and ha ha.. she didn’t laugh this time. Good on ya “Jo”.

It has been one of the funniest productions that I’ve been in. So far at DUMC, we’ve had
Clog Shoe diaries
Christmas Tail
3 Mirrors
Peace Child
Phantom of the Chinese Opera
Shanghai Reborn
A Little Less Conversation..

I wonder what’s next. I’d still like to be involved in a musical, so let’s see what kind of role I’d probably get next time. I don’t think I’ve been typecasted into any type of role so far.

Well, I’ve only had 2 roles
3 Mirrors as Papa ~ The father of a lost child (it was such a weepy role)
A Little Less Conversation as Fender ~ The rough & tough bartender

What does the future hold, I leave it in His hands.

I must saw that many people were surprised to see me acting in this production, because I didn’t make a big hoo-hah about this role, as I tried to keep a low profile, I honestly didn’t want the people I invited to come because I was acting in it, but to actually come because of an invitation. However, word did get out and people did come and see me act. Mostly, it was my colleagues and they were thoroughly entertained. Now begins the hard work, to follow up with them. I pray for good opportunities to share with them the Good News of the Lord, after all, these plays were organized for the sole purpose of evangelism.

Till the next play.. I continue to remain and serve the Lord Almighty in any area available.


Monday, August 08, 2005

The Show Is Coming, On & Over (Part 1)

What show? huh? What Show?

In May this year, I auditioned for a play that was in my church. It was entitled A Little Less Conversation. It was written by a couple of people I know, mainly by SurfGod a.k.a Chris Leow and James Tan a.k.a Mr Loopy Meals.

I went for the audition, with many mixed feelings, as to really go for it or not. I deliberated many times, thinking, should I be doing this, I sought God's counsel, and He just "smiled". Usually when God smiles at me, it's a "quirky" and "teasing" kinda smile.

I didn't know which role I was actually auditioning for, I only knew that there was the main role, Elvis. I thought to myself, "Maybe I can carry this role, then again maybe not.. Aiyooo so confusing".. So after much contemplation about the time needed to do commit to practice for this role, I agreed to try for the role.

When the "judges", (SurfGod and Mr Loopy Meals and Mr Fabian Fabulouso) asked me to do my stuff, I did.. and I know I faltered. I'm not suave and cool like "Elvis". But I did make one of the ladies blush when we were supposed to do a "bar pick-up scene".
Then they asked me to dance, I tried a few dance steps etc and I failed .. again.. heh heh ..

So I accepted the fact in my heart that I won't get a part in this play. BUT.. Lo and Behold, I was called up for a 2nd audition, to be pitted against another dude.. Chris Chin. He's a handsome dude.. well. I think so... and he's well built.. erhem.. very suitable for Elvis.

But the first thing to come out from his mouth when he saw me "Aiyo.. I lose already lar, you see his side burns".. i was already growing my sideburns then..;)

Anyways, we did our stuff again, and the judges asked us to go downstairs to wait for their results (It felt like one of those reality TV show judging).. ha ha ha.. Chris C and I got to talking, found out we had some things in common blah blah.. Chris Chin was quite sure that I would get the part. I had mixed feelings, part of me wanted the part, part of me was not sure if I could carry the part. Then SurfGod came down to give his decision, it was Chris Chin, and he was so happy that he jumped for joy and hugged me .. just like those reality TV shows. ha ha ha..

So I walked away, partially sad and relieved at the same time. But, I believe that whatever the outcome, I knew God's got a plan, in our outside the production.. All things work together for good, it's His plan right? :)

*Endeth Part 1*


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Leading Someone To Christ

I have a confession to make.. even though I've been a Christian.. almost let's say.. add this.. multiply that.. subtract this .. divide by this.. Phi over Theta, multiply by Planck's constant, applying Green's theorem, etc.. yeah .. solid-ly 7 years...

I've never personally led a person to Christ. :o

Well, until last Sunday. After celebration, as usual Pastor will invite those who want to make a decision to ask Jesus to be their personal Lord and Saviour as well as those who wanted to be prayed for. So as I was just concluding my prayer at the end of the celebration, there was this group of college students, who came up to be prayed for. A couple of guys and gals walked up. As usual the ladies would proceed to go to the gal's side and the guys decided to follow them, but a pastor ushered them to the guy's side.

I was asked to pray for one of the guys.. So as I spoke to him in front, could tell, he was not sure what was going on.

PaulOS : Hi! My name is Paul, What's yours?

Student : WL.

PauLOS : Is there anything that I can pray for you?

S : Huh? *bewildered look*

P: Do you have any needs that you want to ask Jesus for?

S: Huh? What do you mean?

P: Err.. Are you up here because you want to accept Jesus as you Lord and God?

S: Err... I am not sure?

*So I ask him to come and sit with me at the chairs in the first row while I look for some material share with him. The Believer's pack.. i.e. Standard material for people who wanna believe in Jesus*

So I look for the material in the basket while Student waits.. and Alamak.. only Chinese material.. i look for the English one and can't find it. Thank God, Kat Mah, comes by and says "I'll get some for you" . Bless you my dear sister. In the meantime, I'm talking to S, and asking him a few more questions. Small talk about where he's from, who his friends are, what he's been doing, blah blah. and I find out that he wants to believe in Jesus, and that he's been reading the Bible

Then comes Kat Mah, and she passes me the Believer's Pack. Hallelujah and we're on our way. So I explain the things contained in the pack etc etc, lead him in the prayer (all the time praying asking Holy Spirit to touch him), and wham-o. He's a believer. And then I explain to him, what are the initial steps of being a Christian etc, prayer, daily reading of word, temptation blah blah.

In all that time, I my mind were running with these thoughts, as to whether what I was saying would actually make sense or if he was actually listening to me. I kept telling myself, let the Holy Spirit do the work. Inspite of all that, I was not nervous as I thought I'd be. My main concern was that he'd receive a touch from the Holy Spirit and make this experience as real as can be.

Something I just realised, that I didn't feel like the "zzzzaaap" power flowing through me or my fingers at any time at all. My question, what am I suppose to expect when I lead someone to Christ? Hey, it's after all my first time.

For the moment, my conclusion is this... it doesn't mean that when you lead someone to Christ, that person has to cry cry, and you don't have to have that "zzzap" feeling, but what matters most is that decision in your heart is made. Then "All The Heavens Shout Your Praise"...

I hope that I will be able to lead more people to Christ coz it's a privilege that God allows me to participate in His work.. none of it is my own doing. He presents it, and invites me. Thank you Lord.