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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rude People

This is kinda work issue.

It's always about what one person says against what antoher person says. We can either go about it in a nice way or a rude way.

Just encountered a nasty Vice President of a public listed company.

He accused me and my company about twisting and turning the facts. I didn't want to talk to him before because I have heard him speak, I have seen him in action.. and it's not pretty.

And there's no etiquette in his phone conversations.
Amongst the things I've heard him say

a. In discussion of a project.. he speaks loudly in the background "EH! I thought I told you we're not dealing with this company anymore?"
b. Disconnects the phone when he feels like it
c. Even my MD doesn't want to speak to him

Just because they are a rich and public listed company doesn't give them and him the right to treat others like dogs.. Just wish I could name the company.. but that would make me like them..


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Acceptance... Just Accept It

I've been pondering over the few weeks about acceptance when I encountered it again this past weekend.

For many of you who know me long enough.. I come from a rich traditional Catholic background and in the past 12 years made a recommitment of my faith into the protesting movement and have settled into DUMC ( for the past 8 years.

Some might say I have been borned again, but I guess I always knew from the age of 7 I'd be involved deeply in church. After all I put "Cita-cita : Paderi" in my student portfolio.

I had always admired the selfless giving of a Catholic Priest.. (not about his celibacy lah).. just that he did travel from place to place to meet ppl and serve them

*To be continued*

Anyways.. safe to say I am very happy where I am and I thank God for each day I live in this community of believers.

What intrigues me is when I talk to Catholics I get this question after I share with them that I am no longer serving and worshiping in the Catholic church, I get a smug look and get asked "Because of girl is it?" "Your wife is a protestant is it"

They don't realise my journey has always been an inner search of my own life and how He speaks to me..

I broke up with my Catholic girlfriend because we no longer shared the same direction, vision & commitment in life. It was hard, she and I both suffered because of this break up. It was not an easy chapter in our lives.

Then I struggled with singlehood for many years within the protestant movement finding a girlfriend & companion, being rejected a number of times. It was the point when I surrendered to Him.. Emily appeared :D

I guess ignorance is bliss to people who assume that a person can convert for the right reasons.

There are a few things I could say.. but I do believe that it may be deemed to be insulting my Catholic friends. My Catholic friends are my good & precious friends.

While there may be Catholics who have been "Born-Again" because of a girl/guy who brought them over to the protestant movement..
But when it comes to me... know that I have done my soul searching many years ago, and am convinced in my heart & spirit that I am where I am supposed to be.

And also to not assume that everyone who has "converted" to the protestant faith is because of attraction to another gender.. please respect their choices and not assume that their reasons are purely because of amorous pursuits.

So in summation to my friends who are still surprised that I am in the protestant movement because of a girl.. I say.. "I didn't" .. and to "Just Accept It"

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