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Monday, March 19, 2007

Pick My Brains If U Please

Your Brain is 60% Female, 40% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve


Yes.. I Love This Car!

You Should Drive a Ferrari

Sleek and sexy, style has a lot of importance in your life. And you'll pay a lot to look good!


Thursday, March 15, 2007



Ha ha ha..

I have and had

1. A Pink Blog
2. Pink Soap
3. Pink Bedframe (previously)
4. Pink Towel (back home)
5. Pink tracksuit lining (Almost)
6. Metallic bright purple tracksuit (Stillhave)
7. Pink Letter P Bear
8. Can't think of anything else..

Just a fascination with pink.. stating my ease with things that are pressuposedly feminine.. I think Pink is a nice colour but just doesn't suit what I wear..

But there are things that should never be pink for a guy

1. Car - Makes u look like a PIMP daddy
2. Underwear - Are u a guy or a gal? Doesn't look pretty on a guy when it rides up..
3. Watch - Is that a watch or a scrunchy?
4. Glasses - depending on the clothes
5. Computer - Hurts the eyes
6. Phone Casing - attracts the attention of the policeman when u drive without using the handsfree
7. Pants - Ppl can see u coming 5 miles away
8. Door to your room - U might atract a guy to come into ur room with amorous intentions

Can't think of anymore.. what do you think?


Dog Eat Dog or Cat Lick Cat?

You Are: 70% Dog, 30% Cat

You and dogs definitely have a lot in common.
You're both goofy, happy, and content with the small things in life.
However, you're definitely not as needy as the average dog. You need your down time occasionally.


Monday, March 05, 2007

My Dad

Seems like a proper time to write about my dad it's after all his birthday tomorrow... and hopefully not reveal too much incriminating evidence about him.. heh heh

My dad, or as I call him "Pop", in one word, is INCREDIBLE!

Where do I begin describing him.. There have been a few phases in his life, that I know of and that I've heard of, shall I speak of him factually or abstractly? With innuendos or just plain facts?

Ok in short, he did not have an easy upbringing, #7 of 10 children, raised by a single mother, who later remarried to a man whom I don't know much about his influence in my dad's life.

Born just post WW2, and he was raised a Catholic in an English medium school, wanted to become a priest in his early ages, alongside with 3 Elder sisters (The Matriachs) and 5 other Brothers and 1 younger sister. Safe to say there was not much food to go around, and finances were stretched thin.. Yet, all of them today are reasonably successful. I am amazed how the family pulled it off. It required a great sacrifice..

My dad, relates to me a time when after his Form 5 exams, he was very elated that he had passed it, and the first question out of my grandmother's mouth was "So, when are you going to work?" My dad's dreams and hopes of becoming a doctor were dashed. So my gramma sent him to a small town (my now hometown), to be with his elder sis who was a teacher there. My dad became a trainee teacher, and so he stuck to it for the rest of his life.

My dad, probably lost fervour as a child of Christ in his earlier years, maybe because of lack of knowledge and guidance. He had a few of the vices common to men, i.e. smoking, drinking and cursing. But he was never ever ever unfaithful to my mom. He never beat my mom, but they both did have hot tempers. Yet I never remembered them arguing. Drinks can do funny things to men (and women alike). They become irrational and emotional. So much so we were afraid of my dad when he got home high on spirits. My brother and I hid away from him and pretended to be asleep. He still performed his duties as a father, in disciplining us teaching us. I remember both mom and dad faithfully caning me with the rotan (cane), hose and belt if we weren't good at our studies. Less caning and beltings as we grew older. I don't ever remember my brother getting caned though, which is peculiar.. as I have been told my bro got the crappier end of the cane & belt.

I guess, that was the only way mom and dad knew how to discipline.

He stopped smoking upon our insistence as children, when I was about 10 years old I believe.

I grew rebellious doing my own thing, but never smoking, drugs or cutting school.. I did have my own vices such as stealing and lying. Yeah, I was no angel. I studied moderately hard and cruised my way through Primary & Secondary. Mom & Dad just provided a place for me to grow up, not really having meaningful conversations, just some fun times. My brother had left home when I was 14.

So my dad, started turning to the Lord, reading the Bible every morning, but never spoke or taught me the Word in my growing years. He was very sceptical of the workings of charismatics, He tried to send me to a Youth camp to scare me off the charismatics, but that worked against him and drew me closer to the things of God. It was all experiential, but nothing deep really happened. It was all emotional, but never really dealt with my feelings of insecurities or low self esteem. My dad continued to seek the Lord and as I did on my own too.

After my Form 5, my dad asked me, do you want to do Medicine, I was reluctant and asked him.. "If I go for 1 year and I don't like it, can I come back?"... with that.. He dropped the idea.. He knew his 2nd son had no interest in medicine. Till today it seems to be like a standing joke, but at the same time there is a hint of sadness/disappointment in it.. I suspect.

Off I went to college, it seemed like, from that age on, I had been making one bad decision after another. As I reflect on my dad, I now see many things I wished I had done better.. but who's to say that this is what my DAD in heaven wants me to learn
1. I wish I had made a better College choice
2. I wish I had chosen to work harder at school and college
3. I wish I had made the best out of my tertiary education
4. I wish I had not stayed on in a relationship that had long ended.
5. I wish I had not made arrogant financial decisions

I must say.. I have many disappointments in life, but would it have led me to the community I am in now, I don't know.. and I know I can't and shouldn't live in regret.

My dad and mom, sacrificed a lot to pull me out of trouble and put me through college and uni.
At this stage, my dad and I are having a very good relationship and I can attribute it to the work of the Lord and we can have theological and spiritual discussions.

Still there is an underlying current of regret in my life... *sigh.... * I know my dad in heaven doesn't want me to live a life of regret, neither does my dad on earth. I love both my dads very much, and I really wanna obey and honour them.
And I do want to live to the purpose of my life and fulfill it.

At this juncture of my life, monetary-wise, I don't seem to live a life of an overseas graduate. I wish to brush that stigma or expectation aside but it is hard..
I wish, I could give my dad and mom the life they should have. A comfortable and meaningful life. We have come to a stage where we know, our time with them is limited, and I do want to make the most of it,

I can choose 1 of 2 things; work hard to earn much to give them things, or work in a lesser capacity so that I can spend time with them more and more.
Already in my heart, I have a desire to move back to be with them, but what place do I have in a small town society. What skills do I bring back to offer that society?

My dad and mom seem contented with life right now, and I want them to have great peace in God. I also want them to be proud of me. I wonder if they are?

My dad, the incredible, because he has been created in the image of the Almighty.
He has been the pillar of the lives of many including mine... and the legacy he is passing on to me.. seems big.. and overwhelming.. I want to make him proud... and I wish he could see it now...


The Human Being

*This blog entry was not planned and has no conclusion as the author starts it... *

What is it with the being of a human being?

What is being, being like?

Existing for a purpose, this we know. And the purpose has never been found in it's own being. How can the created being, define it's purpose of being created? The purpose of the being that is created can only be found in it's creator...
So the purpose of an item is found in the hands of it's creator
Hence the purpose of a human is found in the hands of His creator..

Yet when the being has already decided on that postulation, why can't the being continue to believe in that. He continues to seek out new ways to devise, connive of finding it's own purpose of being, and in result, confuse and misconstrue that which he wants to believe in the first place?

The being's brain is at constant war with his heart/soul, as before he said before, he commits his mind soul and body to the purpose of His creator.... Maybe the being is confused & schizophrenic ...

The being seeks peace, but the world and all the other beings pull in different directions, it is the confuser that has pulled the beings apart from their creator, selfish desires, seemingly honourable, have insidious goals. Oh how confused is the being, may he receive peace..


Friday, March 02, 2007

Preoccupying Factor : The Trek

It's been quite some time since I blogged.

Yes, I've been busy at work, but now that I am taking a new path along the Yellow Brick road...
changes are abound.. and I find myself needing something to do to preoccupy my mind instead of letting it wonder. It's not an escape, but more of just after making the decision, I would need to just let it take it's course, not worry too much..

So I've started watching my Star Trek : Voyager Season 1-7 Again..

Yeah.. I've watched it before, so I'm just reading the synopsis of the episodes and then picking and choosing which episode I want to watch.

Though the voyages of Voyager ended on TV about 6 years ago, I only managed to complete it last year. Because, I was prematurely ripped away from the season when I completed my tertiary education.
In my final year of uni, WH, Kevy, Kenny and I were crazy over Voyager, so we used to go to EZY video to rent the movies. We only managed to watch up to Season 4. And I waited 6 years before I could watch Seasons 5-7...

Sure u can catch it on Astro.. but.. tell it to someone who doesn't have Astro.. and constrained by time. So thanks to my pirate friend Skywalker, he made me copies of the series.. all compressed.

So now, I get to travel to the Delta Quadrant with the Crew of Voyage, and see all the characters that I have grown accustomed with, and remember how we used to oogle at one character...

So you might say, I'm a trekkie.. and thanks to WikiPedia.. I have grown more into a Trekkie now..

So Live Long & Prosper, I bid you.. Warp 6 ensign, Engage...