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Friday, September 29, 2006

What to write about?

Vertigo has been very quiet the past few months.. and we're all itching to jam.. yet it's hard

So I've asked them to do some homework.. write some songs and teach each other when we come to jam...

Now, What do I write about.. Feedback is welcome!!

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Gigs Cancelled? Rats!!

One of our gigs in November got cancelled.. sheesh


No it's not because we're not good enuff? Some relo's decided to hire a band as a wedding gift.. Why couldn't they hire us? Sheesh.. We had a verbal agreement even from the beginning of this year.. sheesh

One more gig still not confirmed yet.. *sigh*

We might be out of the business.. hahah. but guess what.. we're still itching to Jam.. Drummer is posted overseas for waaaaaaaaaaay tooo long.. we need a new / temp drummer.. *sigh*


Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Most Favourite Video of All time

Sit watch.. have fun!!!

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Friday, September 15, 2006

An Old Blog Entry Updated

I wrote a certain blog entry and got frustrated halfway.. So cruise on over there.. and read about Kisah Benar 3 Sekawan Nakal


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Grace & Alex's Wedding

On the 12th of August, 2 Wonderful friend's of mine got married.. Grace and Alex.. or is it supposed to be Alex & Grace... for me it's the former.. I know Grace much much earlier than Alex... we sang in the choir together about 4 years ago.

By far, this is the best wedding I've ever attended.. details at their website .. for better pictures and better news coverage..

Alex runs his own Webhosting services company.. hence the canggih-ness of the website lah!!!

More links and description at the website itself..

Now the narcissist in me wants to post pictures of myself.. hahahaha.. I just got these pictures from them yesterday.. so cool

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Me singing, while playing bass at the wedding ceremony.. played bass for 3 songs.. and also the wedding march in (Canon in D.. or was it A? )

Fast FAQs
1. The Sunnies were left on intentionally.. to hide the bald head and to look cool
2. The Shirt was bought specifically for this occasion from Padang Besar... Love the shirt... My mom loves it too..
3. I actually can sing and play bass nowadays.. but timing still lari (runs)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The group of ppl seated at the same table..

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And then there's me and my girlfriend.. Emily :D .. making her first appearance on my blog .... it's a fantastic picture of her.. :D


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wedding Singer : Solo This Time

Excerpt of my conversation with my cousin..

Sometime in the Morning

Cousin: hows things with u..
pjamess_2000: ok lah.. pretty ok
Cousin: ok...
pjamess_2000 what's new?
Cousin: wanted to ask u if u can perform
pjamess_2000 oh..
Cousin: a few sebastian's favourites
pjamess_2000: at your wedding? or wedding dinner?
pjamess_2000: you tell me.. i'll arrange (Thought Bubble (TB): What am I getting myself into? :O )
Cousin: for the wedding dinner
Cousin: great
Cousin: but just 2 -3 songs..
pjamess_2000: okie.. (TB: Am I digging my own grave?)
pjamess_2000: so just a feature lah..not thru the nite entertainment
Cousin): yep....
Cousin: hehe....u want to perform the whole nite pun boleh
pjamess_2000: hahha.. coz you know right I got a band.. (TB:Haha.. trying to promote Vertigo)
Cousin: oh ya..
Cousin: but for 2 -3 songs....just u would be good kan? (TB: RATS!! She doesn't want Vertigo)
pjamess_2000: can.. but scary..
pjamess_2000: esp family
pjamess_2000: hahahha
pjamess_2000: hopefully A won't "force" herself up on stage.. i.e. if she's invited.. kakakkaka
Cousin: hehehe....
pjamess_2000: just let me know lah..
pjamess_2000: probably get my brother to help me
Cousin: y la ...she did it b4?
Cousin: ya .....wud be great if u could do 2 numbers
pjamess_2000: no.. she never did before.. coz no opportunity
Cousin: haha...
pjamess_2000: but.. i think this is da opportunity she's been looking for.. hahahah
pjamess_2000: just let me know the songs..
Cousin: let me know ur song selections...
pjamess_2000: you tell me your favourites first.. or the "sebastian favourites " as you coined it
Cousin: hmmmmmm....
pjamess_2000: i can learn the songs lah
pjamess_2000: as long as it doesn't involve a full band
pjamess_2000: you want oldies or new bies?
pjamess_2000: i show you my band list also..
Cousin: give me some suggestions la
pjamess_2000: which email to send to you?
Cousin: i think one of each will be good
Cousin: ya great
pjamess_2000: ok sent
Cousin: thanks will check...
pjamess_2000: okiez
pjamess_2000: is there a fav song for you and Fiance?
Cousin: me and fiance ah...not really any fav...but we kind of like the new ronan keating's song
pjamess_2000: ah... the duet? (TB:PLEASE NO DUET!!! I don't want to DUET)
Cousin: its a solo... (TB:HALLELUJAH!!!)
Cousin: duno the song name la....
Cousin: something about " the promise"
pjamess_2000: oh ok
pjamess_2000 : can't figure out which song
pjamess_2000: so far any preference yet?

Somewhere in the Evening (A conversation with my brother)

pjamess_2000: bro..
pjamess_2000: got mission for you
pjamess_2000: we do a duet at Cousin's wedding
pjamess_2000: i get an amp for you ..
pjamess_2000: do about 2-3 songs
pjamess_2000: dunno what songs yet
pjamess_2000: she asked lah
Ane: like that one ah ?? heh ..
Ane: sure not going to rain after that ??
pjamess_2000: can do lah
Ane: heh .. ok .. what songs wanted ??
pjamess_2000: unknown as of now
Ane: ok ... 2 /3 songs ... does she want rain and all to come ah ??
Ane: heheh
Ane: or she got vocalist already ??
pjamess_2000: you and i singh-ing
Ane: well .. something for us to wonder la ..heh ..
Ane: yeah .. that would complete it .. wear turbans and come out ...
pjamess_2000: heh heh
pjamess_2000: then say to the crowd.. Cousin asked us to Singh
Ane: only have to make sure no singhs in the crowd there ..
pjamess_2000: dat's right
Ane: ok .. got to go la .. catch you later then ..
pjamess_2000: but you know unc B's sister is married to a singh
Ane: aiyoh .. susah man like that ..
Ane: yeah .. i remember that ...
Ane: so better not ask for too much trouble ..
pjamess_2000: hahahha

Later On in the Evening (Back with my cousin)

pjamess_2000: hiiiiiiiii
Cousin: helo
Cousin: saw ur list....
Cousin: cool
Cousin: so these u can do solo is it? (TB: Oh really? I think soo... )
pjamess_2000: i can try.. just pick and choose then i gotta practice
pjamess_2000: if got oldies i can try also
Cousin: "i want to break free" ...might be appropriate....hehe
pjamess_2000: HUA (TB: Killer gila song)
pjamess_2000: you must be kidding
Cousin: ya la...



T.H.E Carnival

Terrific Happening Exciting Carnival will be held at DUMC Sea Park.. or better known as OLD RUBY THEATER...

When ?
30th Sept 10am to 5pm & 1st Sept 1pm to 7pm.

What's it about?

1. Building Bridges with the Community
2. Bid Farewell to the community and Welcome them to Dream Centre
3. *Can't remember just right now*

What's gonna happen there?

Lotsa fun and games.. The Traditional way..
Traditional games will enable patrons to win points for prize redemptions at the end of the day!!
Enrolment fee for the games ? NONE!!! It's FREE!!

Foodies : Lotsa traditional foodies unfortunately not free, but REASONABLY priced...

Theme : Malaysia Ku Warisan Ku...

Promoting a love and sense of belonging to our own people to take hold of our country's heritage. And sharing with the community a Theological Statement.. God is full of JOY!!!

It was at the same Carnival 2 years ago when I was casted as P Ramlee.. in a lookalike contest...

I might reprise my role.. hopefully if agreed upon as Labi from P Ramlee's movie, Labu & Labi

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Labi & Manisah

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Labu & Labi Arguing...

Come see and be entertained by various games, shows ... Come celebrate with us. Everyone is WELCOME!!


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Temptation to Kiss..

There she sits
Staring, Waiting, Luciously
In her dress, so neatly tucked
And yet so easily to be undone

She waits
She purses her lips
Inviting me to her domain
She never screams nor shouts for my attention

Just a grasp away
To hold her in my fingers
She has one kiss and many more in store
She awaits

I resist, She waits
I say "NO!! I cannot have you!!", Yet she still waits
Many patronize her
And she gives her kisses away freely

I still resist, but now she fades
Little by little, she fades
I think, maybe I shouldn't resist
But alas, I have waited too long

She is gone.......

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you ?

Where were you during 9-11, 5 years ago..
I was then working for my present company.. right after 9-11 in 5 months I was retrenched by this company, directly or indirectly affected by 9-11 I am not sure. But the bubble did burst back then...

I remember seeing 9-11 on television as I walked into my Uncle's house, where there was a gathering of my uncles and aunts, as they usually do. I saw the TV switched on, to what seemed to be like scene from the movie ID4 (Independence Day 4), it looked all to movie-like to be Real TV. As i watched, I was struck in awe and terror of the destruction... Tower 1 had already fallen.. and soon I was watching Tower 2 fall. During this date, it would seem like the most horrendous criminal and terrorist act (especially with the dawn of the new millenium) had just been committed. Yet, no one really thought what triggered this act of "terrorism". Did "sanctioned terrorism" beget "unsanctioned terrorism"? More money has been spent in search of terrorist, than to meet the basic needs of human beings, much less the human spirit.

My whole family, watched the tube, transfixed, as if hypnotised by this box of semiconductors and glass... I guess, it was REAL TV.. For me, it was my first real observation of how oppression can turn people to do the things that they do.

Whether fanaticism was the cause of it, or capitalism, human beings have lost sight of what is real and what is not. It seems like a never ending cycle of tit for tat. Our purposes seem to be for ourselves and self satisfaction, "As long as I believe it's right.. then I am right".. one can argue follow my god and we'll have peace, yet in a confused day and age, there are just too many gods and interpretation of god. How do we choose?

I believe in God, who came to give us peace.. I believe in God who does not sit afar as if uninvolved.. I believe in God who seeks to draw us back to our purpose in life, Our purpose is of unabated, unrestricted, uninhibted worship of God and not of self.

Many unbelievers and so-called believers have a warped sense of purpose in life, gotten our roles confused between God and self.. it all goes back to the age old verse in Genesis in which the deceiver tempted the heart of man...

"For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."

We can argue, that the thirst for knowledge is paramount, yet what is knowledge of good and evil, good for when the brain and body withers. The body will perish, death is inevitable, yet, we are created by God in His image, and we will live forever, in spirit.

My heart goes out to those who died during this tragedy, for those who knew Him, they spend eternity with Him. For their families, I pray that they bear no hatred but forgiveness and love. Love should open our eyes to life. Live life to the fullest, as He has purposed it in our lives... for the tempter and deceiver came to steal,kill and destroy all that we have even our immortal lives. An unknown author coined an anecdote states, "We're busy doing the devil's work, that he'll soon be out of the job" and that is precisely what we've been reduced to. Our war is not meant to be waged in the physical world, but in the spiritual realm. God had not intended us to fight each other but to live in peace. Yet, it is the folly of "you can be like God", that each of us seeks, when we think by turning to ourselves for peace. What if we find what is inside us is without peace? Self seeking peace is in itself still selfishness.

For those who are alive today but dead in their spirit, I pray that they will come to the full knowledge of the life giver, and experience peace..

So, where am i today? Where are you today? ...