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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Floods, Christmas & Holidays Galore..

I've been starved of my daily blog diet since 23rd December...

I took leave from 23rd December '05 till 2nd January '06.. my long awaited leave for the Christmas Season...

Actually with the onslaught of the merciless the rain back home... it wasn't really a holiday.. :P

I took a bus from Shah Alam (after depositing my car at my darlin's place), @10:30pm and off I zoomed on "Cepat Express", nothing much to report about the trip except for
1. I needed to take a desperate toilet break at "Gurun" along the PLUS Highway
2. Flood waters in Alor Star had risen and making it precarious for the bus to take the usual route back to Kangar at it's usually high speed.

I only reached Kangar 7am a 2 hour difference from the usual 5am arrival that I usually experience when leaving KL at 10pm.

I reached hometown to see no signs of any flooding at my house. I walked from the main road to my house, and smelled the stench that the flood had left behind. For those who have not experienced floods before, the water ain't clean. Imagine your house septic tanks being flooded.. and all sorts of stuff gets flushed along through the house and everywhere you walk.

Well, needless to say I reached home to my parent's open arms, happy to see me, (because there was more muscle coming to help them clean the house) ha ha ha.. :P
They had done some of the cleaning of the house with domestic help from "seberang".. i.e. our neighbours across the Straits. Mom was singing praises about the domestic help she's had lately.
I'm glad she's got good help these days.. as compared to the local pool of domestic helpers.. :P
Mom and dad cooked a simple fried meehoon dish.. wish I gladly ate. Nothing like home cooked food. I then had my appointment with the dermitologist.

Well, we proceeded to wash the outside of the house the walls, the inside cabinets and all the plates that were inundated by the flood waters. We put our cutlery and dishes through this washing process (with low water pressure)...
1. Wash with water
2. Soap the dishes
3. Wash off with water
4. Soak & Rinse in Dettol
5. Soak & Rinse in Hot Water

I don't know how else better to clean it..
We worked the whole day and night until about 10pm. It was alright actually. Next day we did a little bit more cleaning, and then got ready to go to Langkawi for our family holiday. As soon as my brother & his wife arrived we put our stuff in the car and left for Langkawi.

I started to not feel so well, I think the lack of sleep in the past few days was getting to me.
Needless to say, my Christmas was not really looking to be a good one. .
We checked in to the resort and rested. We had dinner and went back to the resort. I knocked off rather early (after practising some Carols with my brother)

We got up early on Christmas morning to go for Christmas mass at the Chapel in Kuah town...
After running through some songs the Priest arrived. I greeted the priest "Hello Pastor... " and then swallowed my words.. then perked up.. "How are you, Father? "

*Catholic priests are refered to as "Father" *
*Christian ministers are refered to as "Pastor" *

It shows how long I've been out of the Catholic circle .. ha ha ha ha

*continue the blog later*...


Monday, December 19, 2005


Heh heh heh.. been wanting to use that word.. and yaaay.. got to use it at last!!

yeah learnt this word from Anson some many moons ago.. showed me that my vocab was weak

INUNDATED!!!.. and no.. it's not about dating a member of the clergy.. God Forbid
(I-Nun-Dated) .. sorry corny joke..

This is the definition of Inundated

in·un·date ( P ) Pronunciation Key (nn-dt, nn-)tr.v. in·un·dat·ed, in·un·dat·ing, in·un·dates
To cover with water, especially floodwaters.
To overwhelm as if with a flood; swamp: The theater was inundated with requests for tickets.

Anyways, Why the fascination with inundated?

Image hosted by

Click Here to Read more on the picture

Well, back home... my house is flooded.. my parents are still tehre.. sadly, I will only be reaching my hometown on 23rd December.. might not be able to capture any pictures of the flood...

Yeah... my house is now flooded.. with 14 inches of water.. about 4 inches to reach the TV base.. (on a stand) after 4-5 days of continuous rain.

to give you an idea.. of what's happening.. look at this picture.. measured against the showcase in my house..

Image hosted by

Green Denotes the deepest flood we've had in this house.. 1982 - 1986 ( you can see a faint line on the showcase to denote the deepest in 1982/1986)
Red is for where it is right now. . (approximately)

There is no electricity, because the main power station's power is down.. and my dad's handphone is running low on battery..

So do pray for the water levels to receed.. it's gone down an inch.. because the sun is out today..

*note.. picture was taken 1 year ago.. when a bevy of beauties visited my dear hometown.. wonder if mom was thinking if I was bringing suitors for me ;P he he he.. unfortunately.. nothing happened.. heh heh heh.. Just Kidding..
Back row (L-R) , Rina, *forgot her name*, CoolCat, MF
Front row (L-R), PaulOS, Mom & Dad)

NEWS FLASH : FLOOD UPDATE!! 20/12/05 @11:15am

No it's not a Flash Flood. ;P, the water has receeded in the house to about 8.5 inches.. btw.. if it's 8.5 inches in the house.. it's about 1 foot outside the house.
Praise God for that the water is receeding, as opposed to what you hear in the news. Electricity has been restored too.

Thank you all for praying.