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Thursday, November 18, 2004

BlogAbout Food 1

On our RoadTrip North.. food was quite paramount on our list.
Here's the first bill that we saw.

Dinner at Kuala Perlis on Thursday Night 11th Nov, 2004. No pic of the food yet. But check out bill below. (Hope the pic is clear)

Breakdown of the bill

Steam Fish (Siakap) ala Thai RM 18.00
Claypot Prawns (7-8) with Glass Noodles (Tang Hoon) spicy ala Thai RM 17.00
Udang Lipan (fried in dried chilli and onions) 'Hare-Kor' RM11.00
Fried KangKung (Water Crest) in Belachan RM6.00
Mango Kerabu with Ikan Bilis (Anchovies) RM5.00
Stir Fried Chicken RM13.00
Rice RM3.50
Drinks (mostly 'Umbra' juice) RM9.50

Total RM 87.10 for 7 ppl... is that worth it? :)

PaulOS Penning Off .. Till the Next BlogAbout

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Let's go BlogAbout!

Forgive the title..
An Aussie term "Walkabout" was swirling in my head when i was back home recently.. I believe it means to go for a trip.

*but i found out that it at this web site that it most probably means*

"In Australian aboriginal cultures, a "walkabout" is a ritual in which a young man goes on a solitary journey through the wilderness in an attempt to learn more about his own character and strength. "

Another website has a slightly different meaning. This website ( looks cool! New terminology to use for my blog.

So I wonder what what was this Walkabout.. about? Maybe I should share that in a different Blog.

Anyways, as I was figuring how to talkabout my roadtrip up north, the word BlogAbout came to mind. And I just had to write it down first.

Came back day before yesterday and still have not Blogged about it... am settling into work mode right now. And I should get to work. But I thought I'd just write in a quick entry for all of ya. The trip was a blast and yeah I wanna go back to Perlis with my friends again!

Well do take care and God Bless Y'all

PauLOS penning off!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Blogs Gone Dry!

Yeah, been observing fewer and fewer blogs the past 3 weeks.
Anyways, I've been also caught up with some work and ministry stuff. Unable to blog recently.
This is a short blog too.

Don't think anyone misses my blogs though. Just made a new friend over the blog last week. Cool dude. I'll post his address in the blogs that I visiti soon.

Long weekend coming up. Looking forward to it. Going down with some friends. Yeah.. Girlfriends! ;)

Ha ha... Gives my folks something to think about! Ha ha! Nothing serious, just a few friends from church who happen to be gals. Some have never been up north. So I'm playing host for them. Hopefully they'll like the idlylic lifestlye of the small town up north that I hail from.

We're gonna be eating our hearts out. Tom Yam, Seafood, Mom's most wonderful cooking, Coconut Candy, Muruku's, Thosai etc etc. Looking forward to it.

So adios amigos. Hope to see ya when I get back (or maybe I'll blog from there too?)
For those who believe in the Power of Prayer, do pray for my fellow roadtrippers and me for a safe trip during this festive season. Road Accidents are highly likely, but I do believe that God will send His angels before us on the road.
Pray for alertness and safety on our part. Do take care and God Bless y'all.

Peace out Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

PaulOS Penning Off