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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Independence & Freedom.. 50 Years

*I completely forgot about posting this post.. it's been a draft for a very long time.. even if it may be outdated.. i thought I should just post it anyway! *

I've not been updating or reading many blogs in the past 4 weeks. Lo & Behold, it's come and gone and I've not been able to pen what my thoughts and feelings have been... Allow me to list out what's been happening.

13th August - 2nd September - DUMC (the church I call Home), conducted it's 21 day of Fast & Prayer, 530am every morning. The mainstream was to align our hearts and lives to God's for the nation, Praying for the country, taking ownership of the Lord for our country and proclaiming Jubillee for this country.
27th August - 2nd September - Moving DUMC Seapark (DSP) to Dream Centre in Section 13 PJ

26th August - Jubillee Conference by Peter Tsukahira, David Davis etc..

It's been a hectic 4 weeks, running in and out of church, and going on a complete vegetarian diet, even to scrutinizing if there was eggs in the kaya (coconut paste)

It was hard trying to find food firstly, it was easy going off meat, but I think now I'm paying for it.. had a gout attack on my elbow last nite. Must be from the lack of chicken... ;) .. nooo... I've been more tofu than I usually do.

Well, as I puttered around morning prayers, serving in Dew Crew & Worship ministry, God spoke to me primarily in a few areas

1. Cynicism and Sarcasm
2. Gaining a bigger picture for my country about it's REVIVAL.
3. Recognising God's work throughout all generations and where it's at right now

I asked myself, where am I in all this? Where is God placing me? Why right now?

50 years.. yeah.. why so significant for the whole country?
When Pastor Daniel preached about Jubillee followed by Peter T, it all became clear..

50 years is not just a pagan, nor a worldwide celebrative number.. but a year of Jubillee.. a proclaimation, of FREEDOM, LIBERTY, RESTORATION, HOPE, PEACE etc

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