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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Poetry @ A Spur

I don't claim to be a poet..

"Suddenly the movie Bobby and a song that plays comes to mind"
("Main Shaayar To Nahin" taken from "Bobby" a Hindi Film)..
"Main Shaayar To Nahim" in Hindi means ... "I am not a poet"

I am corny though, Corny people tend to like puns and play with words and make fun and jokes out of them.

But as i was writing a comment down at James' Blogsite.. I felt sort of "poetic" and wrote this there in response to the recent Tsunami @ Evil Wave or "Ombak Jahat"

Death seems to always perk us up eh? It is the reality of our mortality.

On a flight I was from KL to Alor Star
Delayed by Air Asia, @ 9am the plane took off.
Nary a tremor did I feel in the air.
The Silver bird landed in Alor Star at 10am

Minutes before landing in Alor Star
I caught a beautiful glimpse of the sea,
At that moment wished I had a digital camera
To capture a beautiful shot if the blue and wavy sea.

12pm the "Evil Wave" struck.

Unknown to me that a Tsunami was on it's way
Of lives in it's clasp to whisk and slay.
Lives were lost and souls were returned
Those who love the Lord are not spurned.

It really isn't good coz I know nuts about poetry, but I felt compelled to write it at that time. Maybe there isn't an ending to this piece of "poetry" about what I felt at that time....

PaulOS Penning Off

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Za Klismas Party

My company had a Christmas Party last Friday, 17th December (incidentally Joanne's birthday)

So yah, we all had a fun time playing games, singing carols, acting out a skit and exchanging gifts. A great Christmas party I must say. We all had fun.

Yours truly was the Santa Claus. Check out the picture below.

Anyways, the 2 ladies next to me are Mandy and Cindy. Mandy's my colleague while Cindy's our HR and Admin Manager.

So there was Santa PaulOS, Santa Mandy and Santa Cindy (well she came dressed as Cinderella/Cindy-rella)

So here's a blog before Christmas have a great weekend celebrating Christmas everyone. God Bless!

May the significance of Christmas seep deep into your hearts and your minds and hence nourish the roots of your spirit. Be Extremely Blessed!

Ho Ho Ho.. Jingle All The Way!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Red Wine Regurgitated!

Well, not by me at least. But my car smells of it right now.

Last nite after a 'yum-cha' (late nite coffee and tea) session with Joanne and Anson, I was about to get out of my car when Lisanne called me. at 1:28am.

As usual when people call at this time of the night it's usually an emergency. Well not entirely an emergency, but she needed help to get a colleague of hers home to his house. So, i just sensed that I should do it. If not who'd go at this hour?

When I arrived at her house (not far away) I saw somebody lying down on the grass pavement and he was surrounded by my friend and her colleagues.

My first question to them "Has he puked yet?"

... Silence..

and then they said "No"

Then I told them, he should puke first before he gets into the car. but don't think anyone heard me.

To cut the story short he was drunk and passed out. He was heavy, probably as heavy as me. Lisanne and her two colleagues were there. One of Lisanne's colleagues boyfriend was also there. Kah Yin, was "summoned" (out of his house) to the scene as well to help out.

So we tried to load the Unconscious Subject (henceforth known as UC) into UC's car. A nice old Honda Civic bearing a Penang number plate.

But since it was a 2 door it was a bit hard at first to load him in. Then the onlookers suggested that we put him in the back seat of my car. So, Kah Yin and I carried this guy and loaded him into the backseat of my car.

And as predicted moments later he "regurgitated" into the passenger seat of my car and into the back seat and onto the floormat of my car. I didn't even have time to put in some newspaper onto the floor of my car or any where. What could I do? Laugh lah! What else.. cry for what! Heh heh heh!

Anyways, we drove both cars to send UC home. We dropped off one of the colleagues home en route. We took the LDP to find UC's apartment somewhere in Kepong/Sungai Buloh area. We found the place without much difficulty.

We asked the guards for help. One of the guards named "Din" really helped us a lot. He talked to us about the guy and informed us that UC and wife went out. Therefore he indicated that there was a slim chance of find the wife at home.

While Kah Yin and I stood watch over UC and chatted with the guard, the 2 gals (colleagues of UC) tried to call for the wife but to no avail and didn't find anyone home. So I had to rummage thru UC's pants to get the keys. Got it without much difficulty. They entered the house looking for the wife.. No suprise.. No Wife!

So we asked the guard to help us find a wheel chair or something. But no such thing.. so he got us a wheelbarrow and lined it with cardboard. Amazing guard huh?
Anyways, we woke UC up got him to stand and plonked him in the wheelbarrow. Wheeled him into the lift and into his house and dumped him there. Left a message for his wife. (Incidentally we couldn't find a pen in the house so we wrote the note with an eyeshadow pencil first.. then suddenly found a pen)

So we then left him there locked the house threw the keys in and went back to my car and proceeded to clean up. One of the gals stood at a distance and didn't help clean. While Kah Yin myself and the other gal cleaned the car as best as we could. We lined the car with newspapers and cardboards. rolled down all the windows and I drove like fury. *Fast and Furious comes to mind.. but sadly my car ain't that great* reached home only at about 430 am and cleaned my car further.

On the way back Kah Yin came up with a statement "We should nominate the guard as 'Guard of The Year' . He was a good Samaritan" He was a Moslem and yet he didn't hesistate to help us to carry and hold UC who had alcohol puke all over him.
Makes me wonder how much I'd have complained etc, and I thought to myself, have I actually been a Good Samaritan to UC. Did I fork out the money to look after his well being at the inn? A month or 2's wages. Did I go the distance?

So the next morning I tried to get some ppl to help me with my car but really no one was available.. a sentence my mom once said to me came to my mind "You got so many friends there no one to help you ah?"

I dismissed the thought as a negative thought. People have their own things to do. So I left the house preparing to go Children's Church Christmas party, so I had to do all that within an hour. Send the car in for cleaning and make it on time for rehearsals before

So yeah got the car cleaned at this place, I had no time to figure out what to do as it was getting late, so I just told the guy to give a complete clean up of the car, polish it and wax it as well. Cost me a bomb!

So here I am wondering how much I am going to be reimbursed. Of course the way of the world would say that I should be reimbursed. But am I willing to just say "It's ok" and be that 'Good Samaritan'....

Well I don't think I am at that stage yet. I still do hope to be reimbursed to some measure. Money is not something that I have in abundance. But I pray that I will continue to grow in this area of generosity.

I must say that I am of 2 minds to think, why should I have helped them, but if I didn't help, would I have come to the realisation that I am still hesitant to become a Good Samaritan.

Lesson Learned:
1. Get a drunk guy to puke first before he gets into your car.
2. Line the car with lotsa plastic and paper if you get a drunk guy in your car
3. Try to look beyond the hardships and costs to meet the need.

PaulOS Blogging Off!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Yeah, It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas time is indeed a very busy time for all Christian and Non-Christians.

For me, Christmas has changed in it's meaning over the years.

Clearly I remember when I was younger (The single-digit-years thru the Teen Years or better known as the Wonderyears)

It was the "Open-House" concept..
It was fun when the people visited, but it wasn't fun having to run in and out of the house greeting people, washing the plates etc etc.
The Christmas spread was

1. Coconut Candy
2. Muruku's
3. Fruit Cake (soaked in Brandy/Rum since October)
4. Iddiappam (Stringhoppers, Puttu Mayam or as we call it at home "Thunderbread")
5. Thosai
6. Chapati
7. Mutton Curry
8. Sardine Curry
9. Chicken Curry
10. Accar (Cucumber & Carrots boiled in vinegar and sugar, squeezed dry & Sprinkled with peanuts)


It was particularly fun through those years because of my brother's friends. Most memorable of them all was Sri, my brother's 6' 4" friend. Honestly, I looked up to him more than my brother. He was the life of the party and he was cool.
After my brother left for further studies, (i.e. through my teenage years), it wasn't very memorable because I didn't have many friends who were as crazy as my brother's friends.

Man!!! Those were the days.

We don't have open-house anymore, coz it's hectic. Mom and dad would get tired quite easily nowadays coz of the number of people coming in and out even though they don't have to do anything except cook. Plus we don't really get to appreciate the Christmas day.

During my college years, I was involved in my church and community in Setapak. Christmas meant Carolling a week before Christmas. Children's Christmas parties. And I'd travel back to my hometown for Christmas with my family celebrating it with a few close family friends.
Of course there was also that "sweetheart" to look forward to meet whenever I went back. I'd spend time with her younger brother and her family even though she gave me the cold shoulder treatment. *Yeap "clapped single-handedly"*

Those were fun years, when i rounded up the youths and we had spontaneous Christmas Carolling.

The Uni Years were different in nature. Though I came back each year for Christmas, it was quietly spent with my mom, dad, bro and his wife.
It was fun celebrating it in Ipoh or KL. No carolling whatsoever, just quiet Christmases with the family.

Now, we're going through a period of transition. We celebrate Christmas with more meaning. A year or 2 ago, we had worship together as a family on Christmas morning. Was a wonderful experience. This year, I am spending Christmas without mom and dad. I will be in KL on Christmas day, well sort of by choice.
My ex-cell leader's wedding is on the 25th of December. I agreed to worship lead at the wedding after my parents agreed to celebrate Christmas in KL. However about 3 weeks ago my parents decided not to celebrate Christmas in KL. So here I am stuck in KL for Christmas.

Will be flying back on the 26th Morning via Air Asia. I hope I don't miss my flight like last year. ha ha!

PauLOS Blogging Off!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

BlogAbout Trip 1

Long Silence after the first BlogAbout food.

I can't remember much from the trip. Am waiting for pictures from one of the Roadtrippers.
But let me try to recollect.

During the Thursday (11th Nov) nite dinner at Kuala Perlis, we had a some discussion how to get the gals over the Thai border.
Well it's not what you think. We were scheming.. err... planning to sell.. err introduce them to Haadyai. :)

Yeah the gals wanted to go over the border for the following 3 purposes
1. Shopping
2. Shopping
3. And guess what... MORE SHOPPING!!

Well, my dad.. the ever famous Uncle Peter @ Pope aka "Heng Tai" of Kangar.. *hi hi.. just kidding* made a few phone calls, spoke in English, Bahasa and Hokkien to make arrangments. At last after a couple of calls he made arrangements at the dinner table for a van to ferry the gals over the border.

The uncle (Ah Chai) who was gonna take them over the border to sell them.. err... give them a guided tour of a major bazaar and other shopping complex of Haadyai came over the next morning at 8am or was it 7am.

The 4 gals piled themselves in to the 10 seater very promptly after a light breakfast. I forgot what we had for breakfast. Maybe some bread and local fried mee hoon.

*you can read about some of the experiences of the gals .. posted by CoolGal at *

The gals then left for Thailand. * I clapped hurrah!!! * Now I could go out with dad for a game of golf! ha ha ha ha.. well it's not like they'd have stopped me but I'd have felt guilty leaving them alone.

So I had a game of golf with my dad (1st 9 holes) then followed by 2nd 9 with my dad and his friend. We had fun!

The gals only got home at 9pm i reckon. They took some time to come home because they went out to withdraw money.. *indicative of a shopping frenzy*

Well they came back with dinner, packing some "Mee Juta" or as we call is "Million Dollar Mee".
There's a story why it's called Million Dollar Mee. *Saving it for another time*.. It's a northern version of Wan Tan Mee/Kwon Loh Mee.. the noodles are home made and thus very tasty and fresh.

The shop belongs to a church member of mine back in Kangar. Erhemm the guy's a cutie according to the gals.. ;) *correct me if I'm wrong*

Well.. after/during the dinner. 2 of the gals were dividing the "spoils of the day" after they had "raided" Haadyai. They paraded their new shoes, clothes, skirts and blouses. Which was actually a treat for my mom and dad. We were all quite tickled by it. They also took pictures and posed in their new attire. I don't think the gals would appreciate if I put their pictures on this blog.

Anyways, that's all for now. I hope to get the pictures soon so that it can jumpstart my memory to blog more about the trip.

Till then. PaulOS Blogging Off!